The Motion Picture Association of America assigned a PG rating to the Dinesh D’Souza-Gerald R. Molen political documentary “2016: Obama’s America” due to ”thematic elements, brief language and smoking images”.  

After seeing the film, I can unequivocably say the MPAA missed the ratings boat.  “2016″ deserves an entirely new classification: “NRC–Not Recommended for Conservatives” due to redundancy and disturbing reality.

The film is redundant in that most conservatives have long been aware that the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 was the unfortunate,  intended consequence of a meticulously-orchestrated joint Democrat Party/MSM scam designed to install an extreme leftist in the most powerful office on Earth by concealing the truth about his heritage, his family, his associations, and his education. 

AP: 274a4ae5-f3fb-445f-9d7c-356dd4c354cb  For my part, the only exception to the old news quality of 2016 was the inclusion of an interview of Obama’s impoverished half-brother George Obama who still lives in a miniscule shack outside Nairobi, Kenya.  Millionaire Barack shamelessly preaches that we are indeed our brothers’ keepers and lives in mansion yet hasn’t offered to do a damned thing to help out poor George. 

You see, Barack’s Kenyan, half-sibling fundamentally disagrees with his rich, half-black American president on certain issues and for that reason can rot in his Kenyan hut-hell.    

“2016″ is also not recommended for conservatives because, although most knew some of the hidden and damning details concerning Obama’s background and beliefs, to have those disturbing facts concentrated in 89 minutes on the silver screen can literally be overwhelming.  I heard and saw a number of audience members weeping during and after the screening. 

As one exiting, crying moviegoer, no doubt a member of that dastardly tea party, observed to my wife, “That bastard has to go!”  I just hope she wasn’t referring to me!  

The audience were not shaken as much by the film’s content as by the suggestions of what America will be like a mere four years down the road should Obama be re-elected.  To all but his most ardent admirers who still fondly regard him as the nation’s savior, Obama’s America in 2016 is not a pretty picture. 

(For more details see “2016 Obama’s America”: and D’Souza deftly dismantle Bill Maher’s objections to the truths in the film:   

Predictably panned by the same mainstream media that elected Obama, ”2016″ has been characterized as “strident” (New York Times), “an infomercial” (Washington Post), and generally not worth the price of admission by the rest of Obama’s MSM. 

Stridency (really meaning uncomfortably honest in MSM-speak) or infomerciality (actually denoting an uncomfortable excess of factual evidence in MSM-estimation) are complimentary and audiences have been effectively putting the lie to the mainstreamers’ claim that “2016″ isn’t worth the exorbitant cost of  entering a movie theater to see it.

As of September 9th, two months after its release in one, lone moviehouse, the film has grossed $26.2 million.  More significantly, “2016: Obama’s America” has surpassed most of Michael Moore’s  shlockumentaries and has earned more than Al Gore’s highly-hyped, low-truth “An Inconvenient Truth.”  (   

What does all of the above mean for the United States of America in 2012? 

It means ”2016: Obama’s America” should be seen by every American who voted for Barack Hussein Obama four years ago out of ignorance and who is contemplating voting for him again despite incontrovertible evidence he is a dangerous fraud as well as an incompetent president who has severely damaged our country with his leftist ideology-driven policies. 

Perhaps the worst truth exposed in “2016″ is that the MSM knew the truth about Obama 1n 2008 and knows it in 2012 and refuses to divulge it.   

It means “2016: Obama’s America” should be avoided by the faint of heart who understand all of the above but who tend to get nauseous when they contemplate four more years in Obamaland. 

It means that our children and grandkids should be looking into alternatives for the future in that eventuality.