The Two American Flags

I’ve been told it’s merely a dastardly rumor that First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama disdainfully whispered to President Barack Hussein Obama  during solemn ceremonies observing the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks on the United States, “All this just for a damn flag?” and the POTUS  supposedly reacted with a sneering nod and facial expression unmistakably denoting agreement with the FLOTUS’ contempt. 

In the brief clip from a year ago, which somehow went un-reported by the mainstream media, Lady O is seen turning to her husband and mouthing  something sotto voce to him as the mournful strains of bagpipes are heard in the background. 

In case the reader didn’t hear the bagpipes and see Michelle’s mouthing catch the clip here .  Another site shows the scene in three speeds 

9/11  Over the past year, precisely what Mrs. Obama said has been disputed by the Obama Camp which denies she could possibly be so shallow, insensitive, and disrespectful toward the emblem of the United States of America by saying “All this just for a damn flag?” as if honoring America’s flag at a September 11th  commemoration could ever be problematic. 

Even more outrageous is that the president could concur with her.  

In the public interest and in my ceaseless quest for truth, justice, and the American way, I wouldn’t post the  YouTube links without verifying what the woman who finally became proud of her country four years ago at the age of 44 had really said. 

I therefore turned to a trusted family member, a highly-experienced speech therapist skilled in lip reading, to determine what the FLOTUS whispered to the POTUS while the nation was remembering the horrors of September 11th, 2001. 

After a painstaking review of the videos and reading Lady O’s lips, our family speech therapist concluded, “her mouth does seem to make those words :(  ”  

Now, Barack Hussein Obama has frequently demonstrated his contempt for what he feels is the antiquated concept of patriotism and he has never recognized America’s special singularity as a world power.  Rather, he has consistently denigrated and apologized for our evil republic; the Obama-Biden website had featured a disturbing desecration of America’s flag until it was pulled. 

However, Barack’s bride has rarely been caught reflecting his cynicism and antipathy toward the nation he leads, which is not to say she has any more affection or respect for the United States than he has. 

True, she admitted to that pride attack in 2008 and has valiantly labored against American obesity and she is currently in desperate mode to re-elect her hubby to get him four more years of free golfing and get the Obama clan four more years of extravagant, taxpayer-funded vacations. 

And, true, desperate Michelle is now resorting to overtly racist appeals for black votes as she did in her Saturday speech to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in which she contended, “Make no mistake about it, this is the [Civil Rights] march of our time.” 

(No.  There is no Congressional White Caucus.  That would be racist!)

A Michelle Obama  And, true, Radical Michelle has a history, a rarely-reported yet a definite, ugly history  dating to her college years of advocating for black anarchists and black separatism but, since ascending to her first lady perch, has usually been more circumspect in dissing our country than to bitch about our “damn flag.” 

I guess bile will sometimes bubble out of someone no matter how much she tries to suppress it.  

Only a fool–or African-Americans who choose to ignore Barack Obama’s abject failure as a president because he is semi-black–would vote for Obama on November 6th or believe that either he or Michelle give a flying sheat about America and our future.  Both only care about making our country into a replica of Kenya or Zimbabwe. 

The good news is that the pair of them may be sent packing on November 6th; the bad news is that, win or lose in 2012, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama may run for the presidency in 2016.  It would be sadly ironic if America recalls the Barack Hussein Obama years as good times in comparison to her reign.

The Two American Flags