Why is Barack Hussein Obama crying? 

Is he crying because he was addressing a half-empty arena and dreaming of the days he could pack the house?

Is he crying because he realizes that despite all his cheating, and lies, and the dissension he created he will lose his bid for reelection and be sent back to his Chicago cronies?  

Is he crying because he knows he will not have the “flexibility” to wheel and deal with Russia in a second term? 

Is he crying because he won’t be able to surrender our sovereignty to the United Nations and reduce America to the status of a Third World nation? 

Is he crying because he failed to completely bankrupt the United States although he tried mightily?      

Air Force One  Or is Obama crying because he and Moochelle will no longer have access to Air Force One and to all the other perks of the presidency they milked so well from taxpayers for four years? 

Who gives a damn why Obama is crying but my guess would be all of the above.