“Christmas Special Course“   They’re baaack!  No, not the seventeen year locusts but a worse blight, the blight of the anti-Christians which at this time of year takes the form of the annual assault on Christmas.  And they are far more destructive than any locusts.

The first evidence that the annual War on Christmas had resumed was detected at the New Jersey end of the Lincoln Tunnel. 

The obviously well-heeled if not even moderately-healed group, American Atheists, got together some big bucks to erect a billboard on US495 announcing in bold letters that any first grader could read just before Christmas that, “You KNOW It’s a Myth,” and suggesting to first graders and anyone else in the New York vicinity who could read basic English that, “This Season, Celebrate Reason!” in lieu of the Christmas season. 

The billboard shows a  I have to say that the billboard represented very effective advertising for the American Atheists’ point of view.  It is especially effective since the wording was supplemented by artwork depicting three camel-riding Wise Men approaching a brilliant star poised above a simple stable featuring a donkey and a lone, female figure: http://tiny.cc/bwco1 

Masterful work, American Atheists, even if it is indicative of an odd mentality that gets off by destroying childhood innocence and delight. 

Was that kneeling female, alone in the night, meant to suggest that her hubby had run off and left her to fend for herself, a scenario with which many New York area kids exiting the Lincoln Tunnel, could relate?  Either way, the billboard was masterful–depending on one’s definition of mastery. 

Those proud American Atheists may very well persuade some kids who view their billboard to ask their parents, “What does that sign mean?” and maybe convince a few others to start to think that their churches are liars, that their parents have been treating them as little fools for lo these many years, and that the light of truth really does reside in their public schools.  

Teachers and administrators in America’s public schools, under the notoriously-godless guidance of the NEA and their local unions, whom they dare not defy, have long been in the vanguard of those who are trying to either eliminate the archaic tradition of Christmas from student lexicons or to reduce the “holiday” to the equivalent of Halloween or Arbor Day. 

Find Santa Claus in   The witless educators in Heathrow Elementary School in Florida have elected to take the anti-Christian, anti-Christmas insanity to a whole new level.  Not only has Christmas been banned in Heathrow but the jolly old elf Santa Claus has now been banished to oblivion, never again to befoul the impressionable minds of Heathrownian children. 

For good measure, lest there be lurking insidious, sub-conscious associations with Santa, the colors red and green will be forever forbidden.  Even if the rest of Heathrow is oblivious, Heathrow Elementary understands the corruptive nature of red and green. 

Now, before any readers come to think there is no sane rationale for Heathrow Elementary’s decision, that is, if any naysayers can think at all, let’s just set the record straight. 

It’s not as if educators don’t want kids to have fun this time of year.  Winter equinox festivals, seasonal concerts, and the like are still permissible to educators.  Some may even distribute free holiday condoms to children, maybe decorated with snow flakes but devoid of those hateful reds and greens and, if those fail, abortion “clinics” are now being set up in some public schools.

However, God forbid that public schools, from which God was long ago expelled, recognize the obvious, that we still live in a Christian country where over 250,000,000 people celebrate Christmas.    

As one Heathrow parent summarized the gist of a directive from the administration at Heathrow Elementary, “We don’t want to offend anyone who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus or the Christian beliefs:” http://tiny.cc/mq0b7 

So, there! 

There was no mention in that directive of those who would be deeply offended by ignoring and trampling on their beliefs. 

There was also no mention by either that parent or by Heathrow administrators that if parents had the gumption to protest en masse the secularization of Christmas in a  Christian nation they could change the new status quo.  We get what we deserve, folks.