Among other things, Tricky Dicky Nixon was notorious for keeping an “enemies list” compiled mainly by his resident neo-Nazis H.R. Haldeman and John Erlichman and consisting of those people and groups they all rightly considered Nixon foes.  

Eventually, that listing contributed to Nixon’s resignation.  A Democrat Congress decided that a Republican president compiling names of his enemies, in conjunction with over-zealous ”plumbers” illegally plumbing the depths of the DNC’s Watergate complex, and the infamous 18 1/2 minute tape gap constituted sufficient grounds for removal from office.   

A president keeping an enemies list, and linked to a burglary, and with a mysterious tape gap was deemed  totally reprehensible when he was caught by the opposition party with the power to seek vengeance–as opposed to a president who lies under oath to the American people which was considered not impeachment-worthy by that same party a decade later. 

Incomparably wise politician that he is, Barack Hussein Obama no doubt has a listing of countless enemies but, as the most brilliant president in the history of the Republic, he probably files it away in his brilliant mind.  He allows faithful surrogates in his mainstream media to intuit his feelings and revile and discredit them while he preserves his anointed status above the ugly fray. 

And they’re doing a fine job, indeed!

Nothing Against Rush Limbaugh,  For example, as far as I know, Obama has never directly attacked Rush Limbaugh or his credibility.  He doesn’t have to.  Minions such as NBC’s highly-esteemed Brian Williams handle the chore for him. 

Williams is obviously very ready and very willing to serve his master.  Toward that end, on Election night he and RINO Steve Schmidt concurred that Limbaugh–as well as Donald Trump–”gotta be shut down . . . repudiated by serious leaders in the party and the need for “civil war” in the GOP against Limbaugh and his ilk. ( 

“Shut down,” Mr. Williams, as in suspending or revoking the First Amendment’s guarantee of our rights to free speech and peaceful dissent?

In addition to Limbaugh, the Drudge Report and FNC have long been outspoken Obama critics, Drudge by posting news items the president doesn’t like and FOX by virtue of the same as well as for allowing various commentators to speak the truth concerning Obama’s smarmy past and what’s been going on in  America’s White House and in his administration for the last four years. 

The president has made no bones about his distaste toward all of his enemies.  However, standing magnificently on his high road, he simply encourages his hatchet men and women to do his dirty work. 

We are not yet at the stage that powerful politicians arrange the assassination of people who disagree with them.  Not yet, although Andrew Breitbart’s sudden and mysterious death last year may have been the first.

Matt Drudge is a tool  To date, even the leftists on MSNBC, the president’s cable news station, haven’t endorsed murdering conservatives such as Matt Drudge; they prefer vicious character assassination for now.

toure  Truth really does hurt: In October, MSNBC “The Cycle” co-hosts angry black man Toure and Steve Kornacki were incensed over conservatives making an issue of Obama’s hypocritical penchant for speaking to black audiences in ghetto tones while he addresses whites as if he were a constitutional scholar. 

Toure, who goes by one name because he can and who had previously accused Mitt Romney of an undefined “niggerization,” alleged FNC’s Sean Hannity and Drudge were out and out racists because they had publicized the tape.  Kornacki seconded Toure, noting that “the reality with [Drudge] is it [sic] is always slanted, always pushing a very transparent agenda and it basically never adds up to anything.”

He added not parenthtically, ”I hope in a way this is a moment that we can all kind of agree to marginalize Matt Drudge.” (

With murdering dissidents still verbotten in America, unlike in Vlad Putin’s Russia, what then would “shutting down” and “marginalizing” Obama enemies Limbaugh or Drudge, or the entire FOX News Channel–or all their evil counterparts such as Glenn Beck, the editors of the Washington Times, the Washington Examiner, et al. entail? 

No one really knows. 

Angry-Obama-Evil-Obama-280x300  Remember, Obama’s enemies list is secret, all in his mind along with the consequences to meted out in his second term to all who dared provoke him in his first term.  Remember also that with his new “flexibility” now in hand he might follow Putin’s lead. 

Rush and Matt and Sean and every other conservative in America would be well advised to insure their affairs are in order.