Hillary Rodham Clinton, currently America's Secretary of State and pre-eminent diplomat, former United States senator from New York, former President William Jefferson Clinton's First Lady, is easily one of the most obnoxiously ambitious and most dissembling woman in American history. 

When Hillary curiously claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary after he climbed to the summit of Mount Everest in 1953--six years after her birth--many Americans came to admire her. 

When she claimed in 1996 that long-lost billing records on the corrupt Madison Guaranty from the Rose law firm had miraculously appeared on a table in the White House, supporters bought her line.

When she claimed Bubba's sexual indiscretions with Monica Lewinsky were a total shock despite the fact that everyone including his mother knew that Slick Willy had been porking everything that moved for years, Hillary's sheeple empathized. 

Liberals are notorious suckers for liberal lies.    

Of late, Hillary has been making noises about staying or not staying at State. 

Subsequently she announced she would be unavailable to testify at congressional hearings into our country's most disgraceful foreign policy lies since Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson fabricated the facts of the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin attack. 

Most recently Hill said she had somehow overcome her "scheduling conflict" and would indeed be able to testify concerning the Benghazi debacle--after her department's reports are completed.

That Hill! A she-devil secretary of state rivaling our he-devil commander-in-chief!

Hillary Clinton has worked diligently at her current job and should be commended for her tirelessness but regrettably she is as much a consummate liar as her husband and her boss, the differences between them being that Bubba was caught and she and Obama as yet haven't been indicted. 

Conveniently, Hillary's State Department's final Benghazi report won't be completed until as late as next January. By then, public interest in what really went down at our Benghazi consulate and in the White House on or about September 11th, 2012 will have flagged considerably thanks to Obama's disinterested mainstream media and a public more concerned over David Petraeus' inability to keep his pants on, Twinkies, and Lindsay Lohan.  

Sec. Clinton will either claim a foggy recollection of those events or she will be out of the loop by then which will make her testimony semi-relevant at best. 

Only when the flak hit the fan did Hillary realize that she could tear herself away from wine-tasting and visiting old buddies in Australia so that she could do what she was morally and officially required to do--testify.     

Mrs.Clinton's testimony is critical to understanding precisely what transpired in Benghazi and to comprehending the actions and inactions of the administration in response or failure to respond, at the same time it will be at best be a useless, misleading addendum, assuming it ever happens.  

Various authoritative sources have already exposed her and her superiors as lying hypocrites.  

According to those objective sources, Hillary Clinton and her people knew an attack was imminent in Benghazi; the president and/or Attorney General Holder knew what was happening in real time; none of them did anything to save the lives of our Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens, Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and security personnel Glen Doherty and Ty Woods.

Those four brave Americans died needlessly in that Libyan pustule.

They perished in the perverted interest of Barack Hussein Obama's reelection and in the  requisite cover-up by his lackeys trying to hide the fact they were sacrificed in order to assure the American electorate that the Benghazi slaughter represented not a Muslim terrorist attack but rather was caused by a movie.

You see, as President Obama contends, Al Qaeda is over and done with, a war on terrorism never existed anyway, God's in his heaven and all's right in the world. 

However, neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton adequately explain why Americans are still dying at the hands of Muslims or elaborate on whether things are only good in Allah's world. 

I guess we'll know more details soon on Benghazi and we'll finally know the truth if Hillary decides to put honor and honesty above her ambitions to be the first woman president in America's history.