Ronald Reagan  President Ronald Reagan’s classic observation that “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant.  It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so” only tells half the story about the liberal-left in America.  The other half is equally damning and could be stated as, “It isn’t so much that liberals are arrogant.  It’s just that they believe they’re so much better than the rest of us.”  

“Arrogance,” the obnoxious display of exaggerated chutzpa, of self-importance, and hubris, is one signature characteristic of liberal-leftists in America.  Another is ”ignorance,” the lack of knowledge, learning, and information. 

Unlikely as it is, stripped of their arrogant attitudes and clued in to reality, leftist-liberals would morph into conservatives!  God forbid!

Cases in point of both traits abound. 

Those incidents range from political arrogance which enables left-libs to enact legislation that few people want and they don’t even bother to read to celebrity arrogance founded on the grossly-mistaken notion that their fame instills wisdom; they range from ignorant people who vote for a candidate yet know little if anything about government and to stupid people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the first place. 

A very select sampling: 

ARROGANCE: To be a leftist-liberal is to be arrogant.  I should know since I’ve been there, done that–before growing up and getting educated. 

Ed Asner Picture & Photo  Elderly actor and ardent leftist-liberal Ed Asner, the kindly, curmudgeonly Lou Grant of the old “Mary Tyler Moore Show” is still a curmudgeon but hardly kindly.  He evidently hasn’t learned my life lesson.

Asner represents the epitome of celebrity arrogance and false sense of superiority, so much so that he obviously thinks he can flout the most basic civilized decorum.  He demonstrated his total disregard for fundamental decency when he publicly and vulgarly asked a FoxNews producer, “Do you have any money?  Can I piss on you?” 

  Reared in an Orthodox Jewish family from Russia, the wealthy, grizzled 83 year old Asner was reacting to a question regarding his narration on an animated video for the radical California Federation of Teachers which was geared for children and which featured a (now-deleted)stereotyped “rich man” urinating on protesting workers. 

The video was only slightly more classy than Asner’s arrogant supposition that he was free and entitled to utter a vile–and evasively irrelevant–rejoinder to a civil, honest question.  He first said he couldn’t recall ”a thing” about the video and then asked the Fox producer, “Do you have any money?  Can I piss on you?” 

See the teacher promo and Asner degrading himself in front of millions of Fox viewers here  

Discounting senility, it has to be the height of arrogant hypocrisy as well as the depth of ingratitude and lack of dignity for a rich man like Asner to demean his own economic class–and himself.  

IGNORANCE:  Ignorance is not synonymous with stupidity, though it’s close in meaning and the two often overlap.  The chief distinction between them may be that ignorant people simply don’t know and stupid people absolutely don’t want to know. 

Sad to say, millions of Obama voters in the last election proved themselves stupid ignoramuses. 

Granted, despite the proliferation of news sources, many Americans seem less-informed than they were when newspapers and news magazines were in their heyday.  Compounded by a failing public school system more concerned with student self-esteem and instilling political correctness than with learning, the intelligence quotients of average Americans seem headed for chimpanzee levels. 

But, still, elections are important events theoretically predicated on the idea that in a democratic republic such as ours the electorate will make some minimal effort to become informed, understand the issues, know who the candidates are and what they stand for–and exercise a functional brain. 

Jay Leno frequently displays the abject ignorance of broad cross-sections of Americans in his “Jaywalking” segments but at least his “Jaywalkers” aren’t on line to vote for the president of the United States–and hopefully didn’t. focused on prospective South End Boston, college-aged voters in its article “An Informed Electorate?  You Won’t Believe How Little These Young Voters Know About Our Gov’t”.  Unfortunately, what the Obama-infatuated college kids didn’t know is all too believable.   

Young voters in line cant answer basic government questions  On Election Day outside the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology hundreds of student-types sported signs endorsing the liberal-leftist, alleged descendant of Cherokee/Delaware Indians Elizabeth Warren for the United States Senate from Massachusetts and buttons proudly proclaiming they were “Students for Obama.”

They were well-versed in Obama-DNC talking points regarding “women’s rights”, “gay marriage”, “planned parenthood”, and “social welfare” that had been drilled into them by their professors and the mainstream media.  However, asked, ”How many Senators are there?  How many Congressmen?  Supreme Court Justices?  Who is Nancy Pelosi?  Harry Reid? Can you name an amendment to the Constitution?” they were stymied. 

They didn’t need to know anything except the social issues they were taught to know. 

Of course, they also knew they had to vote for the man who had promised to end the fabricated war on women, repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and enable homosexual Americans to wed their gerbils if they wished, continue taxpayer funding of the most prolific abortionists in the nation and provide all the condoms Sandra Fluke would ever need, and maintain the social safety net with welfare and food stamps so that recipients of government largesse would be required to vote for Democrats or starve to death on Boston streets. 

Contrary to popular perception, ignorance is nowhere near bliss, except for the ignorant.  And, contrary to leftist-liberal perceptions, arrogance only enhances the egos of the arrogant.  Arrogant ignorance, though, is a whole other aberration that threatens to undermine the very foundations of our country.  Welcome to Obamaland!