Cut & Paste Religious Chistmas  With the annual assault on Christmas and Christians in full swing, it seems apropos to address the issue by reflecting on recent attacks on both secular and religious observations of the season. 

Last Tuesday on NBC Today, the station’s medical editor Nancy Snyderman departed from the topic at hand to interject her anti-religious point of view: “I don’t like the religion part.  I think religion is what mucks the whole thing up. . . . I think that’s what makes the holidays so stressful.” 

Ms. Snyderman is certainly entitled to her opinion but religion “mucks up” the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ?  Am I missing something here?

Americans have unfortunately grown too accepting, too accustomed to such anti-Christmas, anti-Christian idiocy as Snyderman’s. 

Whether Christmas protestors are merely complaining over excessive holiday stress in their busy lives–which they could easily relieve by not shopping and whining over it–whether they are intent on reducing our national holiday to farce–which some are accomplishing–or whether they’re committed to using the Constitution as a ploy to conceal their disrespect for Christianity–and their dedication to their War on Christmas–they are all idiotic. 

“Idiot” is defined as a retarded or stupid person and in a variety of other ways.  The synonymous “birdbrain” and “chowderhead” also aptly describe anti-Christmas types. 

Every year for the past 40 or so Americans have witnessed everything from idiotic thefts from and vandalism of Nativity scenes nationwide to atheists filing lawsuits and staging mindless wars against them. 

We’ve seen naked, birdbrained homosexual Santas prancing through San Francisco and thousands of drunken Santas overflowing Manhattan’s South Street Seaport area with beer and urine. 

We’ve heard stories of mailmen in Washington ordered to stop dressing as Santa Claus and the chowderheaded ban on a Christmas tradition of Massachusetts firefighters visiting elementary schools to distribute coloring books because “there is a conflict between the church and the state in that regard.” 

We know Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee refuses to call a Providence Christmas tree a Christmas tree and that President Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama refuse to even say “Merry Christmas” on their Christmas cards.

We are aware that our government and the United Nations are waging active campaigns against both Christmas and Christianity. 

In that regard, Obama’s military has been doing its bit by prohibiting Bibles in the Walter Reed National Medical Center and the Air Force Academy has apologized for “Operation Christmas Child,” a “Christian-based charity and relief program designed to send holiday gifts to impoverished children around the world” as well as attempting to remove a Camp Pendleton cross meant to honor fallen heroes.   

No slacker when it comes to Christian-Christmas bashing, the “last, best hope for mankind” is sometimes somewhat more subtle in its bashing.  Thus the U.N. exploits UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, ostensibly dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to kids in under-developed nations and which suckers American children into collecting money for its enterprises, to carry out its dirty work.     

A new UNICEF ad shows Santa saying, ‘I don’t do poor countries.’  Exceeding even Obamian religious and tradition-trashing and its hypocritical self, last Christmas-time the U.N.’s UNICEF posted a video depicting Santa Claus as a  crotchety grinch in an effort designed to get people to buy gifts from the UN agency. 

UNICEF’s sleazy Claus sported a mangy beard, essentially tells kids in Africa to get lost, and disses Christmas cards.  UNICEF Santa’s tone and diction better befit a Brooklyn panhandler than a jolly, old elf and, to accent his grinchiness he specifically says, “I don’t do poor countries.” 

Message: Kids, Santa and Christmas are frauds so buy Xmas presents from the United Nations, send them to somewhere in Africa–and enable the U.N. to continue to destroy everything you believe. 

(See UNICEF’s version of Santa and documentation on all of the above here

War is an ugly word.  So, too, are bigotry, bias, and discrimination.  The concerted effort to degrade and/or eliminate the celebration of Christmas and to slander and/or dismiss Christians and Christianity is clearly bigoted, biased, and discriminatory. 

When will the hundreds of millions of American Christians–some 78% of our population–rise up and declare we’ve had it with the War on Christmas and let the politicians, idiots, birdbrains, and chowderheads behind it know we won’t take it anymore?