File:PNS 2707.jpg� Ever since Tim Tebow came on the national scene in 2010 as first-string quarterback for the Denver Broncos the sports press has mercilessly criticized him. They attacked him for his passing faux pas while minimizing his prowess as a rushing QB both with the University of Florida where he guided the Gators to two BCS National Championships, won the Heisman Trophy, and during his brief tenure with the Broncos took his team to the playoffs and amazingly beat the Steelers.

kneeling and saying a Sports “journalists” often feel young NFL prospects need a comeuppance–especially when the target happens to be a devout Christian who embarasses them by his devotion and, more especially, for “Tebowing,” publicly kneeling on one knee, head reverently bowed, giving thanks to God for allowing him to score a touchdown or for completing a great play.

How disgraceful! How disgusting! How repugnant–to sport journalists!  On the other hand, sport fans thought Tebow’ s religious gesture was so admirable that they began Tebowing in schools, in malls, and on sandlot, high school, and college football fields.

It seems that either the sportswriters were overreacting or they were reflecting their closeted antipathy toward religion and toward public displays of Christian religiosity.

Always under attack from some anti-religious quarter or other, Tebow was ripped last week because he allegedly told New York Jets coach Rex Ryan that he was so pissed over being passed over to run the team after Mark Sanchez proved once again that he�was a loser that he refused to be a team player and do what he was told to do and not do.

Can we all say, “Horseshit”?

When does any first-year player on any NFL team tell any coach he’d rather sit on his ass than do what he was hired to do?  When does anyone tell Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan anything he wouldn’t want to hear?

However, according to CBS’ Peter Schwartz, probably after grinning maniacally and rubbing his hands in glee: “Tebow is not the good teammate that we all thought he was and now it seems as if reports about him being a bad apple in the locker room are true” since the quarterback had finally fulfilled Schwartz’ long-held and baseless opinion from the get-go that Tebow was always really a fraud. (

To set the record straight, first of all, Schwartz is a consummate liar who never believed Tebow was “the good teammate that we all thought” and secondly he has surely been salivating for at least two years over the opportunity to somehow, some way, disgrace and/or deflate Tim Tebow and at the same time to demean his religion by “exposing” him as a hypocrite.

I’ll leave the details of why Schwartz supposedly became disenchanted with Tebow to the sports world but it came down to Schwartz reporting as biblical truth–based on very questionable and unnamed sources–that Tebow went to Ryan before last Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers to bitch about not starting after Sanchez was benched and Tebow refused to do his assigned job in the Jets’ wildcat formation.

As�Schwartz wrote, “It should not come as a surprise that reports indicate that Tebow opted out of the wildcat package . . . when he was told that Greg McElroy would get the start over him. Tebow’s ‘I’ll do whatever I can to help the team’ pledge from the day that the Jets acquired him turned out to be nothing but utter nonsense.”

The true “utter nonsense” was spouted by Schwartz in his CBS hit piece, “Tebow Turned Out to Be a Phony.”  Tebow politely denied the fabricated story had any basis in fact.

Tim Tebow was understandably frustrated and reasonably annoyed that he had been demoted in favor of third-string quarterback Greg McElvoy running the offense against the Chargers after Tebow had been hired and was paid $1.9 million this year, money he would like to feel he has earned.  His major concern over Schwatz’ lies was the character defamation, a concern Peter Schwartz can neither understand nor appreciate.

(Not incidentally, McElvoy was sacked 11 times in San Diego’s humiliating 27-17 defeat of the Jets and on Friday Ryan announced he would go with the inept Sanchez against the Buffalo Bills.  Ryan should get his head examined.)

What’s most bewildering about Peter Schwartz and his liberal sports buddies is the question of why they get so inflamed over someone’s religious beliefs, inflammation at the heart of their criticism, what must be termed a vicious, religious vendetta launched because of Tebow’s deep Christian faith which he doesn’t hide.  It must degrade their souls to�waste their lives maligning decent people.  Then again degradation seems to comfort some people.