(NEWS ITEM: Facebook suspended the NaturalNews.com account for posting a little-known quotation from one of the world’s most famous pacifists who wrote on page 446 of Mohandas Gandhi, An Autobiography: “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”) 

Fools, politicians, and other liberals–an intended redundancy–may rush in where angels fear to tread but only the most foolish go rushing in with their hypocritical posteriors figuratively flapping in the breeze. 

A few observations:

Anyone not deeply moved by the senseless slaughter of 20 young children and seven adults in Newtown, Connecticut just eleven days before Christmas doesn’t deserve the designation as a human being.

Anyone not infuriated by the mindless evil demonstrated by the mass murderer Adam Lanza doesn’t merit consideration as a rational individual.

And anyone who truly believes that guns were responsible for that unspeakable tragedy should be summarily committed to an institution for the criminally idiotic.

No, I won’t resort here to the axiom that guns don’t murder people and only people can murder people since that truism is patently obvious.  Nor will I defend Americans’ rights to own guns since those rights are, for now, guaranteed in our Constitution and need no further defense.

Rather, I would appeal to politicians in Washington and in state capitals and to groups and individuals who under Barack Hussein Obama have been obsessed with not wasting a serious gun crisis, (a Rahm Emanuel paraphrase), in order to strip Americans of their Second Amendment protections to consider what life would be like should deadly weapons be banned.

For example, Sasha and Malia Obama’s 11-man security detail at the elite Sidwell Friends School in D.C. would need to protect the presidential daughters–as well as David Gregory’s kids and the children of dozens of other liberal, anti-gun notables–with bows and arrows or comparably lethal weaponry. 

this Secret Service  Likewise, the Secret Service might have to serve the president and the rest of his family absent their potent pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc. and resort to their powers of persuasion to discourage assassins and terrorists.

Democrat Senator Harry Reid might have to reassess his YouTube declaration that he “had a lot of bad people after me and I carried a gun every place I went.”

Also it could be mandated that bank and armored cars guards, maybe even cops and other pistol-packing law enforcers nationwide, use billy clubs to ward off criminals intent on doing whatever they have to do to steal and wreak havoc.   

If that’s not disturbing enough, MSNBC’s resident fruitcake Ed Schultz would have to surrender the personal arsenal he bragged about this week, radical lib Michael Moore would be forced to equip his bodyguard with pea-shooters instead of the gun he carries to protect Moore’s pudgy bod, leftist lesbian Rosie O’Donnell would be compelled to disarm the guys who escort her adopted kids to school, and countless pro-gun-control liberal celebs would be required to disband their mini-armies assigned to keep their fan-rabble at bay. 

Did I mention that the general population would become defenseless in the face of an increasingly vicious subset of humanity that prey on them?

Our country is being hoodwinked once again.

We’re being told by everyone from President Barack Hussein Obama on down to the incredibly stupid Nancy Pelosi, from Ed Schultz to Michael Moore to Rosie O’Donnell to every leftist with the gonads–Rosie included–to campaign for gun control at the same time they’re protecting their own sorry arses thanks to guns. 

We’re being warned that guns are evil and that we must prevent another Sandy Hook and save our children by eliminating all guns from our streets and schools. 

Probation for Murder?  Eliminating all guns, that is, except for those employed to preserve the lives of politicians and celebrities and those used by criminals who always seem capable of laying their murderous hands on them.   

Indeed, incredible evils in our world and country are thriving but labeling inanimate objects like guns as “evil” is as absurd as failing to utilize the thousands of anti-gun laws already on federal, state, and local  legislative books to prosecute–and then severely punish–those found guilty of illegally using firearms to commit mayhem. 

Should Obama and his Democrat cronies in Congress succeed in banning handguns and other weapons legally-owned by responsible and law-abiding Americans due to a knee-jerk overreactions to Sandy Hook, wouldn’t it also be reasonable that they abolish the right of millions of kids to spend countless hours vicariously murdering people on video games such as Bulletstorm, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse, as the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre pointed out? 

Wouldn’t it be prudent that they ban ultra-violent films like Django Unchained and similar Hollywood shoot-em-ups which make millions by catering to degraded impulses?   

kitchen knives set  For that matter, wouldn’t it be absolutely necessary for Obama and his Democrats to prohibit the possession of kitchen knives as suggested by physicians at Britain’s West Middlesex University Hospital because they account for half the 60,000 stabbings per year in the U.K.? 

Maybe ban motor vehicles from American roadways to save over 32,000 lives a year? 

Elona Strangled on Back Chair:  Maybe forbid strangling, a favorite murder technique among the gun-less?

Maybe close the NYC subway system because people seem to be getting off lately by pushing people onto the tracks? 

(At this time, I won’t elaborate on the implications for America of Mohandas Gandhi’s ominous observation that “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”  In view of the history of repressive regimes, those implications will be far more consequential than our government merely campaigning for stricter gun controls.)           

The best way to honor the deaths of all those Sandy Hook innocents is not by blaming guns but by blaming  our society which effectively condones murder by permitting Hollywood to glamorize violence, by allowing video game producers to pollute the minds of both kids and adults with incessant killings, and by  persuading hypocritical politicians and other liberals to shut up about phony solutions to gun violence.   

Even better, sign the petition to “Eliminate Armed Guards for the President, Vice-President, and Their Families, and Establish Gun Free Zones Around Them” at http://tinyurl.com/ccvbdb9 to see how well the idea for us conservative geese goes over for liberal ganders.   

Better yet, please donate a few bucks or more to the Penn State Lion Fund for Children which is dedicating all contributions received between December 26, 2012 and January 11, 2013 to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims Relief Fund: http://lionfundforchildren.org/?page_id=76)  

(Absolutely no contributions will be donated to those fixated on proven non-solutions to America’s “gun problem.”)

The atrocities committed at Sandy Hook, at the Aurora movie theater, at Columbine should not go into Rahm Emanuel’s wastebasket.  They should all serve as reminders that we live in a dangerous, treacherous country where evil people perpetrate evil deeds and will perpetrate them regardless of their available weapons.