The year 2012 in America wasn’t all that happy, except for President Barack Hussein Obama.

2012 was rife with insanities affecting virtually every sector of American life from our social fabric to our judiciary to our weather to the political arena to professional sports–quite a spectrum! 

And 2013 doesn’t look much better.

Based on the New Year’s Day abject surrender by John Boehner’s Republican House of Representatives to Harry Reid’s Democrat Senate, thereby acquiescing to an exercise in fiscal lunacy which will reduce the nation’s out-of-control spending by all of $1. in exchange for every $41. tax increase, (a pittance of $15 billion in spending cuts versus $620 billion in taxes), in a country already burdened with over $16 trillion in national debt and a 2012 federal budget debt of $1.2 trillion. 


One suspects the inmates are clearly in charge of America’s asylum in 2013 just as they evidently ran things in 2012.       

The insane killings in Aurora, Colorado, the insane ratification of Obamacare by the Supreme Court, the insane violence of non-hurricane Sandy, the insanity of reelecting a president dedicated to bankrupting and destroying what remains of our great country, the insanity of the Sandy Hook massacre all posed formidable challenges to any sense of optimism for our future as a unified people and as a sane country confident in our future. 

Responses to those atrocities?  Literally insane.  

Our politicians vowed to end gun violence in America by banning guns despite the reality that such actions have never curbed muderous criminal activity and, devoid of concerted efforts to severely punish rather than try to “understand” the social conditions that provoked the murderers, “gun controls” are less than useless–and probably unconstitutional.  


Obamacare is now the law of the land despite the fact that over half the United States, and the vast majority of physicians, despise the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act–which is neither protective nor affordable.  Yet, the electorate voted for many of the same people who foisted the PPACA on us. 


Superstorm Sandy wreaked unprecedented havoc on the East Coast last October, damage sustained and heartbreak still being experienced by tens of thousands with most, not all, the damage and heartbreak suffered by people in homes and businesses situated far too near the Atlantic and inland waterways.  Yet, few if any prohibitions on rebuilding on those same locations have been passed. 


Thanks to his purchases, with taxpayer funds, of tens of millions of votes via food stamps, free cell phones, HHS interpreting everything short of sexual relations as a “work requirement” for welfare recipients, not to mention hiring hundreds of thousands of new federal employees, Obama was reelected to the presidency. 


Far less consequential than the above–except to New York Yankees and New York Jets fans–the Yanks continue to employ the vastly-overpaid, steroid-deprived Alex Rodriquez and the Jets continue their fantasy that Mark Sanchez is an NFL-caliber quarterback and now plan to dump the QB they never allowed to show his stuff, Tim Tebow. 


Hope springs eternal.

We can all hope that Republicans recover their senses in 2013, that maniacs are incarcerated before they go postal, that SCOTUS reconsiders its grave mistake, that pols learn that Mother Nature is the ultimate arbiter of building and living, realize that evil presidents come and go, and we come to understand that there has never been an incident where an inanimate weapon murdered anyone.   

As for A-Rod and Tebow, we can wish that the former retires and the latter sets records for the Jacksonville Jaguars!