Dave Letterman is throwing Democrat shill Dirty Dave Letterman, the late night clown who grinningly laughs at his repetitive jokes more than his audience does, has finally confessed that he’s a lying hypocrite.

We’ve long known Letterman is an embittered old man still pissed that NBC chose Jay Leno over him to replace the iconic king of late night talk shows, Johnny Carson, twenty years ago but now he has conceded he has even less integrity than anyone had ever given him credit for.

Shunted aside by NBC, the erstwhile radio talk show-weatherman-comedy writer went on to land his current job at CBS, “The Late Show with David Letterman,” almost lost that gig when he flopped BIG TIME as host of the 1995 Oscars, and went downhill from there as a believable interviewer by softballing liberal guests while ripping into conservatives.  He reignited his career by becoming as raunchy as he could get away with with CBS censors and signed on as unofficial hatchet man for President Bill Clinton, tireless maligner of President George W. Bush, and unabashed President Barack Hussein Obama bootlicker.

He admitted under duress to trysting with his then 20-ish favorite intern Stephanie Birkitt and the then 60-ish Dirty Dave denied various other in-house sexcapades.  Whether he fessed up his multiple liasons to Regina Lasko, his long-term mistress and mother of his son, Harry, is still a mystery.

(After divorcing his wife Michelle Cooke of nine years in 1977, Dave finally married Regina in 2009 when little Harry was five and a half. I guess Dirty Dave realized that registering his only begotten son, Harry Joseph Letterman, as a kindergarten bastard could be awkward–for Harry, his parents, and principally for Dirty Daddy Dave’s career.)

In Letterman’s Sunday interview with Oprah on her little-watched OWN channel he confessed that he’d had sex with any number of women–and young interns who worked for him who actually believed Dirty Dave was a decent human being.

The National Organization of [Liberal] Women and sister groups, who get livid over mere accusations of conservative sexual improprieties, found nothing objectionable to an employer doing an employee–as long as the do-er was one of their own.

Oprah said, “You want to get through your whole life and not have the worst scandal’ attached to your name” and Dave replied, “[I] did not make it.  I have no one to blame but myself.  Since he came clean about his infidelity, Letterman says that his relationship with his wife is better than ever.”  (As long as Regina remains a nitwit, that is.)

As he told Oprah, “I want to be the person I always thought I was and probably was pretending I was.  I hurt a lot of people. . . I’m not looking to blame anybody.  I’m looking to find out why I behaved the way I behaved.  I have no one to blame but myself” adding, “I’m  still trying to fix it.”

(Umm, maybe you seduced gullible interns and who knows how many others upstairs in your lair in the Ed Sullivan Theater because you’re a lecherous, horny, liberal old man, Dave?  And maybe you’re “trying to fix it” only because you were caught?)

Letterman’s Democrat politics kicked in when Oprah, without spelling out the specifics of the smarmy comments he passed off as “jokes” in 2009 about Sarah Palin (a “slutty flight attendant”) and her 14-year-old daughter, Willow, (“knocked-up way out in right field at Yankee Stadium”).

He brazenly admitted that the only reason he apologized to the former Republican candidate for the vice presidency of the United States was so that he could continue to make jokes about her.

His rationale: While pretending to regret his slur against Willow, he claimed he thought he was making a sex joke about her 18 year old sister, Bristol,” implying it was okay to smear a young conservative girl but, God forbid, he would never abuse a minor! However, the Palin girls’ mother was still fair game: “I felt like Sarah Palin was somebody I wanted to be able to continue to make fun of.  And I felt like if I don’t apologize . . . I will not be able to” continue ridiculing Sarah Palin. (http://tinyurl.com/ba9uzpc)

In order to keep track of enemies and their tactics, I often tune in to “The Late Show with David Letterman” and I can honestly say I have never seen the host satirize, “make fun of,” ridicule, or abuse a liberal.  Never a joke about Barack Obama’s hilarious verbal screw-ups, nary a jest about Michelle Obama’s ridiculous outfits or her addiction to vacationing at taxpayer expense, never a snarky witticism at the expense of a notable Democrat.

At the very least, Dirty Dave Letterman should concede he is a Democrat lackey, beg forgiveness from Johnny Carson for presuming he was fit to fill Carson’s classy shoes, and apologize for real to the Palin family.  His final act should be an early retirement, sparing his viewers from a third act.