The National Father’s Day Council naming Bill Clinton “Father Of The Year” is as riotous a joke as Al Shapton’s view that Barack Obama is ready for Mount Rushmore but they aren’t the worst absurdities in America today.  How about “The Most Trusted Name in News” regularly featuring the most obscene woman on television and another cable network planning a reality series centered on a drug-dealing rapper who has proudly fathered nine daughters and two sons by ten different women?

How low can we go?

Watch Kathy Griffin Torture When the admittedly D-list comedienne Kathy Griffin bent down to kiss Anderson Cooper’s crotch on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special she surpassed even her own tawdry self with her gross behavior and CNN further demonstrated why its other slogan of “The Worldwide Leader in News” is as ridiculous as its pretensions to credibility.

At least in Kathy Griffin’s case, feigned fellatio on national television had to be somewhat expected considering her history.

She previously flashed her underwear on CNN’s 2011 New Year’s Eve special and repeated that act on Letterman and during a performance at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.  She dropped the F-bomb in 2010 adding, “So, all I can say is, ‘Suck it, Jesus.’  This award is my god now” when she accepted an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program.  She ridiculed Bristol Palin as fat: “the only contestant in the history of ["Dancing with the Stars"] to actually gain weight . . . She’s like the white Precious.”

Kathy Griffin Without Make-Up It’s almost understandable that, competing for attention in the world of entertainment’s bevy of beautiful people, the remarkably unattractive Griffin feels compelled to try to stand out somehow, if only by being repulsive, and that CNN, desperate for better ratings appeals to astigmatic voyeurs and stoops to gutter level by employing her.

However, why would even a third-rate cable network like aggrandize a man who is clearly in dire need of a vasectomy and who breeds indiscriminately with his own reality show?

Controversial: Rapper Carlos 'Shawty Lo' Walker, with his 11 children (sat) and their ten respective mothers and his 19-year-old girlfriend (left) - who are all set to star in a new TV show titled All My Babies' Mamas When the Oxygen network decided to feature Z-list rapper Shawty Lo, father of eleven children by ten un-wed women in a prime time reality series, it outdid Kathy Griffin and CNN in its lack of civilized discretion and dearth of social responsibility.

“All My Babies’ Mamas” follows Carlos ‘Shawty Lo’ Walker’s family life in an affluent suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

In a since-removed Oxygen trailer on YouTube, “Mr Walker is seen talking about managing his music career” and the  vicissitudes of being a father in his eight-bedroom mansion.  He reflects on his multi-fatherhood: ”How does a guy like me have ten baby mamas’ eleven kids?  It’s heaven.”  Shawty Lo explains: ”I had a lot of girls. . . . They was in love and, I probably was too.  And it just happened.”

“The trailer also shows him as he fails to remember the names of his eleven teenage children.”

But, hey, what’s in a name?  And life happens!  For that matter, what’s wrong with producing eleven bastards with a slew of mothers?  After all, this isn’t the 1950′s!

To their credit, some African-Americans rose up to condemn  “All My Babies’ Mamas” as “disgusting” and”negative” and a petition condemns the show as “stereotypes and demeans black children, mothers and dads.”

Not nearly as valid is the contention by the petition-organizer Sabrina Lamb that “This is not just an attack on African-American parents and children. . . but all parents and children.”  (

Nice try but sorry, Sabrina.

Oxygen,com/Shawty Lo’s ”All My Babies’ Mamas” doesn’t represent an attack on “all parents and children” anymore than Kathy Griffin and CNN represent all of America.  ”All My Babies’ Mamas” may be an extreme example of black life in America but it’s not all that far removed from the reality of the disintegration of the black family and a 72% illegitimacy rate. (2010)

Whether civilization will collapse as a result of Kathy Griffin’s vulgarity or CNN’s lack of integrity or because of the shortage of common sense exhibited by Oxygen in filming ”All My Babies’ Mamas’ ” is purely conjectural.  Whether civilization will collapse as a consequence of a cumulative societal degradation is all but undeniable.  Maybe Jerry Springer was right on the mark when he recently bragged, “I am the father of the destruction of Western civilization.”