Gather some pro-life friends  The annual demonstration in the nation’s capital endorsing the sanctity of human life and against the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade split decision negating the sanctity of that life was postponed this year in deference to all the hoopla attendant on the presidential inauguration and Martin Luther King Day.

Instead, the March for Life will be held on Friday, January 25th 2013 beginning at 11:30 am with “Meet Students for Life” at the SW corner of 7th and Madison Drive, followed by the “Rally at National Mall” near the Smithsonian Castle west of 8th Street, noon to 1:30 pm, and culminating with the “March to Supreme Court” at 1:30 pm.

At the conclusion of those events, “Silent No More Awareness Campaign Testimonies” will take place immediately after on the steps of the Supreme Court, the “Women Speak for Themselves 2013 March for Life Gathering” will be held 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Heritage Foundation, Allison Auditorium Foyer, 7th floor 214 Massachusetts Ave NE, and the “Advocates for Life Reception” featuring Hadley Arkes will partially coincide at the Americans United for Life Offices, 655 15th Street NW, Suite 410, 4:00-6:00 pm.

I mention those specific times and locations in part to encourage those who support the constitutionally-guaranteed, SCOTUS-revoked, right to life of all Americans to join in.

Primarily, though, I feel it’s incumbent on me as a moral and civic duty to provide information, times, and addresses to the mainstream media.  The MSM tend to publicize inconsequential, mini-left wing demonstrations by tens of dozens of dissidents yet ignore the hundreds of thousands who show up every year in D.C. to reflect on the aborted right to life of the approximately 55,772,015 pre-born Americans who have been killed since 1973 in the hope that they can save the lives of millions more who may be killed in the future.

Assuming we as a nation still have a soul, a glimmer of hope that the MSM and Americans will wake up and realize the scope of the horrific infant genocide in progress in our country came from an unlikely source, the, more specifically from HuffPo’s “TED Talk.”

“TED,” (an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design), seems to have gone off Ariana Hufington’s unpaid reservation with a video that proves beyond any rational doubt that those millions of pre-borns abortionists have murdered were not mere globs of tissue, not just useless “products of conception,” but living, sentient human beings. 

Only a fool or, redundantly, a liberal would believe reality could sway abortion-obsessed libs from standing by their sick belief that killing innocent pre-borns is right, just, or humane.  Only a liberal could sleep with the guilt of being responsible for the deaths of so many innocent human beings without waking up with horrific night terrors caused by what they have done.  Still, hope springs eternal.

In 2011, Associate Professor of Medicine at Yale University Alexander Tsiaris posted a video presentation on “TED Talks” covering what he aptly titled “The Development of a Fetus from Conception to Birth.” Literally, and rightly so, he marveled at his own findings, calling them “spectacular” and “amazing.”

Accompanied by a musical background reminiscent of a reverential church rite, the video graphically shows the pre-born’s startling hourly growth from insemination through cellular growth at the rate of a million cells per second through the first twenty-four hours of life through the stage at which it is clearly a miniature human being at four weeks, shows its growing lungs during weeks 7-9, its rapidly-beating heart, its tiny limbs and some of its 69000 miles of blood vessels, up until actual delivery. 

floating-fetus-life-magazine  To my untrained eye, it sure doesn’t look like globs of tissue nor useless ”products of conception” at any point.  It looks like a developing baby, even if abortionists choose to deny that fact in order to salve their deluded consciences and some states permit termination of its life seconds before the baby’s first cry.    

Professor Tsiaris observes early on that “Our beautiful and efficient anatomy is truly awesome and endlessly fascinating” and concludes his presentation by saying, “The magic that is existence is us.” Both are gross understatements. 

See the 9:38 video here  Even better, forward it to everyone you know who still think the March for Life is an exercise in futility or an extremist overreaction to abortion. Then on Friday, if you’re in the area or even if you’re not, get yourself out to D.C.’s 7th and Madison by 11:30 am, to the Smithsonian at noon, and to the “March to Supreme Court” at 1:30.

You have something better to do?