RE: Hillary Clinton Does  Looking as if it would freeze the bejeebers off D.C. politicos, a bitter Arctic blast blew into Washington the other day but outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, apparently fully recovered from her bout with some unidentified gastrointestinal ailment and after cracking herself into unconsciousness–and not taken to a hospital to determine causes–warmed up sufficiently enough by Wednesday to stage an impressive, classically-Hillary act.

Like President Barack Hussein Obama and her hubby, America’s Ice Queen is extremely adept at using “lies, damned lies, and statistics” to cover her repetitive falsehoods, deceptions, and blatant lies and then embellishing her misleading bullsh*t with more misleading bullsh*t.

However, unlike Obama and Bubba, Hillary has evidently taken countless acting lessons.  She clearly demonstrated all she had learned when she finally testified before Congress–more than four months after the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya which ended with the murders of our ambassador and three other brave Americans–all under her watch.

When the Hilderbeast wasn’t obfuscating or denying, she essentially adopted the tried and true Sgt. Schultz defense that she knew “nutink.”  Those obfuscations and denials so energized the class-less Whoopi Goldberg on ABC’s ”The View” that she bellowed, “The bitch is back!” to the wild applause of Whoopi’s equally-nitwity audience.

Falling back on her acting lessons, Madam Secretary Clinton performed an exemplary Schultz-job on Capitol Hill to the delight of the madam’s gushing lapdogs in Congress and in the mainstream media.

While dismissing Rep. Jeff Duncan’s charge that she allowed the consulate to become a “death trap,” she managed to choke up at the memory of viewing the flag-draped caskets at Andrews AFB, dramatically pounded the table over the insolence of questioning on the administration’s myriad  excuses for the terrorist attack, and in feigned high dudgeon rhetorically demanded to be told, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

If not for her imminent departure from State, that question alone, reflecting as it does Mrs. Clinton’s total lack of interest or concern over who screwed up and whom should be held responsible for the tragedy in Benghazi, established sufficient cause for Sen. Rand Paul’s forthright remark to Clinton that had he “been president at the time and I had found that you had not read the cables from Benghazi, you had not read the cables from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post.”

Nevertheless, before condemning Mrs. Clinton, in Christian charity, let’s be nice.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has a valid, if not rational, excuse for her sworn deceptive testimony: She is a congenital liar.


_65472306_65472305  As with Bubba and his seamy sexual liaisons, Mrs. Clinton has a long history of proven bald-faced prevarications, a history of lying which might but probably won’t call into question anything she says–or threaten her presidential ambitions.

Hillary is on record as being frequently reality-challenged.

She has been publicly exposed lying concerning both consequential and insignificant matters, a sure sign that she can’t distinguish between truth and fantasies created for inexplicable reasons, and she has been outed as a woman who has fibbed about everything from her amazing prowess in cattle futures to her given name to her combat experience to how she voted in the Senate to Chelsea Clinton’s whereabouts on 9/11/2001, and for too many other whoppers to list here.

(For complete Hillary-whopper listings, see and

.  She said she learned how to turn $1,000 into a cool $100,000 betting on cows from tips gleaned from the Wall Street Journal at a time the WSJ didn’t even cover the futures market;

.  She said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, a presciently-odd naming since he who didn’t conquer Mount Everest until six years after her birth;

.  She said she landed “under sniper fire” in war-torn Bosnia and had to run with her head down to escape the onslaught though reporters on the scene witnessed no such event but did see a little girl present her with flowers on her arrival; 

.  She said she hadn’t supported  the Iraq War or NAFTA despite her vote to invade Iraq and her hearty endorsements of the trade agreement; 

.  She said Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center on Sept. 11th when she heard “a rumble” but her daughter subsequently admitted she was home in bed 12 blocks away.

Perhaps the defining moment in Whoopi’s bitch’s lying testimony on Wednesday came when she invoked Hollywood in responding to a question regarding United States Marines and their embassy and consulate responsibilities.  As Sec. Clinton ignorantly and irrelevantly testified under oath, Marines “need to be very close to the embassy.  Because as–if you saw the recent movie Argo, you saw the Marines in there destroying classified material when the mob was outside in Tehran.”

Argo Poster Giveaway  However, 0n September 11th, 2012, thanks to our State Department under the auspices of Sec. Hillary Rodham Clinton, our Marines were nowhere to be seen in Benghazi.  And, as for citing Argo, someone should clue her in that “ARGO” is an abbreviated acronym for “Ah Go F*ck” yourself.

In a normal world, Sec. Clinton should at least be censured for her lies.  In a just world, she should be sent to jail.  In the real world, she should be told the unabbreviated “ARGO” applies to her in spades.