Obama does skeet shooting “all  I’ll let the viewer decide which of the following are actual pictures of President Barack Hussein Obama engaged in the sport of skeet shooting, (blasting a shotgun at defenseless clay pigeons), and using other weapons or engaged in weapon-related activites.  Or, were they all photo-shopped by wascally Wepublicans trying to make our Dear Leader appear a fool and a liar rather than the intrepid sportsman and rugged outdoorsman we all know he is.  /obama-shooting-gun-skeet-

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These other pics, graciously provided by Moonbattery.com, seem to suggest they’re not really real but, then again, who really knows and what’s really real in Obamaland?

 tomahawk  fence

Finally, Twitchy.com provides a few more pics portraying Obama as the Great Black Skeeter-Shooter, Killer of Cartoon Characters, as The Man Who Shot Usama bin laden, and as Constitution Destroyer.

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I’m thinking all the photos must be phonies.  After all, would any American president murder Bambi or Bugs Bunny?