As a nationality, Americans are a generally peaceful people, even if we are too often forced to go to war. We are an optimistic people, even during these gloomy times. We are also an overly complacent, presumptuous, and trusting people, even when confronted by dire threats to our well-being and to our very survival as a nation.

And we’re not the first nation to suffer from over-complacency, presumption, or blind trust.

According to both Virgil and Homer, the ancient Trojans naively believed the gift of a big wooden horse was a sign that the Greeks had finally admitted defeat and over the ensuing centuries many countries and civilizations have been battered and bombed sometimes to the point of extinction because they were fooled into thinking their enemies either couldn’t or wouldn’t attack them.

Okay, the Trojan Horse may be more mythological than historical so aprime instance from the twentieth century: Although British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain assured his countrymen in September 1938 that he and Adolph Hitler had guaranteed “peace for our time” at Munich, that surety literally went up in smoke less than a year later when the world was again at war–and, if not for American intervention, the English might be speaking German today.

Ronald Wilson Reagan  The late, great President Ronald Reagan didn’t invent the phrase “Trust, but verify” but he firmly believed and acted upon that principle.

America is big–too big–on the element of trust but dangerously lacking in the verification part.  President George W. Bush had full faith, confidence, and trust in America’s capacity to repel any attack by Usama bin laden’s band of al Qaeda crazies and therefore ignored reports of their threats; his failure to verify the basis for his trust led to the horrors of September 11, 2001.

At the risk of sounding like a modern-day Cassandra, much more horrific events could be lurking down America’s road in the near future thanks to the geopolitical naivete, outright incompetence, blatant disregard for national security–or all of the above–on the part of our leadership in Washington.

There are any number of examples of how the Obamians have been intentionally or unintentionally cultivating national disaster.

Those issues range from the very real threat of an economic collapse due to out-of-control spending and our monstrous debt to the failure to address “entitlements” which could bankrupt the Treasury to the racial divide and racial crime to the Arab Spring which has devolved into an extremist Arab Revolution to an educational system rapidly sliding into Third World status to a moral decay evident throughout American and Western societies.

However, for now, let’s focus on just two critical international hotspots with the potential of making those problems all but irrelevant–Iran and North Korea.

Iran President Ahmadinejad  The Obama administration acts as if it trusts Iran’s declarations that its nuclear and ballistic missile programs are intended for peaceful purposes in spite of the Islamic Republic’s unending belligerent militancy and history of lying and subterfuge and the distinct possibility that one of its nuclear-tipped Safir rockets could reach our west coast.

Instead of insisting on verifying Iran’s peaceful intentions via on-site inspection of its nuclear and missile facilities, Vice President Joe Biden announced on Saturday that the United States is prepared to engage in direct bi-lateral talks with Iran–precisely what the Iranians have wanted for years. 

As the vice president foolishly said, assuming the Islamic Republic is serious about negotiations, “There is still time, there is still space for diplomacy backed by pressure to succeed.”  The evidence of Biden’s and America’s foolishness lie in the realities that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran is a master of subterfuge and deception and procrastination, tricks used to gain time to accomplish its ultimate goal of annihilating Israel and establishing a worldwide Islamic caliphate. 

Yet, Bumbling Biden believes tete-a-tetes with the devious Mahmoud or with maniacal mullahs could “succeed”? That would be true only if we define success as enabling Iran to decimate San Francisco, Los Angeles, and our only Mideast ally and successful chats are inconsequential anyway since Ahmadinejad has told Al-Ahram that Iran is already a nuclear state but has no intention of attacking Israel.  (The always truthful Mahmoud didn’t mention the United States.)

Korean leader Kim Jong-un –The Obama administration also trusts North Korea’s nutcase Kim Jong-un when he mimics the Iranians’ “peaceful” intentions. 

In the Communist Land of Nothingness where the proletariat are forced to eat the bark off trees and are literally devouring their children to stave off starvation, Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea and illegitimate Supreme Successor to the previous Supreme Kim Jong-il, grows fatter by the day and continues to pursue outrageously expensive nuclear and ballistic missile projects.  Still, like his biological daddy, he has usually–not always–maintained that he had no aggressive intentions.

How then to explain the just-released 3:30 video depicting a sleeping, smiling North Korean dreaming about a rocket launch, a missile aimed at America which shows an unidentified, skyscrapered city being reduced to rubble as the Stars and Stripes wave in the background?

In case anyone missed the message, the captions read, ”Somewhere in the United  States, black clouds of smoke are billowing” and the video concludes with, “It seems that the nest of wickedness is ablaze with the fire started by itself” and the prediction that the Communist dream will “surely come true despite all kinds of attempts by imperialists to isolate and crush us. . . never will anyone be able to stop the people marching toward a final victory.” (

(Soon after the video, dismissed as a prank by the MSM, went viral, YouTube indicated it had been “removed by the user.”)

For a peace-loving, non-aggressive regime, North Korea seems damned bellicose and damned threatening! Will the Obama administration finally wake up and smell the dangers before or after one or more American cities are in ashes? 

I’m guessing after since Obama is on record telling Fareed Zakaria while a candidate in 2008 that if we do experience nuclear attacks we should consult an emergency response manual, assemble a coalition to respond, and support a policy of “resilience” because we an always “bounce back from a disruption.”  Of course, as Obama added, we must be sure not to alienate the world community. 

Greece in Flames: Photos  Civilizations usually begin dying from diseases of the soul and spiritual paralysis but always with an assist from leaders who have no reasonable clue how to react to outward threats.  When will we ever learn?  Based on past history and our current leadership, it looks like never.

Maybe I shouldn’t worry about Iran and North Korea.  After all, I don’t live in California so I must be safe and secure and they’re broke out there anyway.