(WARNING: The following article is extremely politically incorrect in that it doesn’t adhere to PC doctrines that prohibit  revealing ugly, uncomfortable truths to which I say, Too damned bad!)

Ok, all you black people, keep in mind you may not use “white’s only” water fountains!  And when you board the bus, be sure to move to the back! As for you white kids, just don’t even think about after-school tutoring program because only black kids can attend!


The first two of those mandates are sad relics of a bygone era when African-Americans in the Deep South were treated as second-class citizens.  The third is a statement of policy as dictated by the black principal at Mission Viejo Elementary in Aurora, Colorado who advised all Viejo parents that the tutoring is only available to ”students of color.”

Sans police dogs and fire hoses, Bull Connor may be alive and well in the person of Mission Viejo’s Principal Andre Pearson who voicemailed an understandably shocked mother of a white student in need of remedial assistance: “This is Andre Pearson. It’s [the after-school tutoring program] focused for and designed for children of color, but certainly, if we have space for other kids who have needs, we can definitely meet those needs.”  (http://tinyurl.com/ao7bbbh)

Translation: Should there be room for any white children requiring remediation, Pearson will certainly try to fit them in–after black children get first crack at the seats and maybe the honkies will have to go to the back of the room.  Based on educational realities and if they’re sufficiently motivated, the black kids will probably fill all those seats and Mission Viejo’s white kids will be lucky if they are allowed to use the school’s water fountains.

Were the Aurora incident of blatant discrimination against children of non-color and the prevailing black discrimination against white people in general unique in Barack Hussein Obama’s brave, new, “race-neutral” nation, they could be dismissed as perverted jokes.  However, Aurora and Principal Pearson are anything but exceptions to the new, unstated understanding in Obama’s America that it’s now payback time for past racial discrimination, time for black racists such as Pearson to get even for slavery, for the KKK, for Jim Crow laws, etc.

New Black Panther case When a uniformed, club-wielding New Black Panther Party hoodlum was caught intimidating white voters in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008 by a Fox News reporter, he ominously warned, “This is what it’s like with a black man in charge.”  We didn’t really know then ”what it’s like” but we do now and we began to realize it early on in the Obama administration when then Attorney General designate Eric Holder ripped into America as “a nation of [white] cowards”–and got away with that outrage.

Emboldened by his free racist pass, AG Holder quickly dismissed the Philly voter intimidation case against the NBPP,  defended the outrage as a service to “my people,” announced that federal civil rights suits would not be filed when whites are victimized and subsequently pulled the race card again by absurdly attributing the uproar over his Fast and Furious gun-running debacle to, what else, white racism.

Racism does exist, indeed black racism is rampant in the civil rights division of Holder’s Justice Department of not pervasive in Holder’s DoJ as exposed by former DoJ attorney J. Christian Adams in documented charges which Holder’s underlings forcefully denied but never refuted. (http://tinyurl.com/bnr4gcu)

It’s significant to note that while serving as a professor at the University of Chicago Law School our president’s favorite course to teach was “Current Issues in Racism and the Law.”  His course description categorized race relations in the United States as “institutional racism in American society.”

Since assuming the presidency in 2009, Obama has made great strides in addressing that perceived “institutional racism” by not only implementing racial-oriented programs to carry out a national role reversal whereby blacks are accorded preferential treatment but also by instilling not as much a sense of racial pride than a sense of entitlement in Holder’s “people.”

In turn, that entitlement has led to an explosion of black crime largely ignored by Obama’s mainstream media and widespread PC mea culpas for “white guilt” as the cause of the explosions.

Today we are reaping the rotten fruits of Obama’s fundamental black racist philosophy with a nation in which blacks have been encouraged to Cry Racism! over any and everything remotely smacking of discrimination–or which have the feasibility of a lawsuit.

Clearly motivated by statistics showing that black students throughout the country are routinely disciplined and expelled for violence and other anti-social behavior in America’s public schools, Obama quietly issued an executive order last July 26th establishing a governmental panel to regulate schools’ disciplinary actions to ensure that racial and ethnic groups are disciplined equally–without regard to which kid assaulted a teacher and which failed to sharpen his pencils.

Obama has successfully created a certain aura in America, a mood and tone of black entitlement and white indebtedness that has radically influenced race relations in our country: 

–The University of Wisconsin teaches that it’s “unfair” to be white in America and that whites should make amends for that “unfairness.”

A member of the “Obama Boyz”–Black youth gangs like the “Obama Boyz” in St. Louis and black rioters in various other locales run amok attacking whites in Obama’s name.

icon: Mickey Mouse (Photo–Black families get insulted and sue Disneyworld because Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck allegedly refused to hug their kids.

Tennis player Caroline–Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki is attacked for being racist in Sao Paolo for overstuffing her panties to ridicule her friend Serena Williams’s naturally-stuffed bottom

–Trayvon Martin has evolved from a black teen thug into an African-American hero and Providence College features “The Travyon Martin Award for Social Justice.”

Chris Dorner Police–Black mass murderer Chris Dorner is embraced and idealized for some reason, maybe because he only killed white people?

swimsuit si Kate Upton–In perhaps the most unkindest racial cut of all, Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition is being criticized because its pictorials are allegedly racist and reinforce negative stereotypes. 

I know that this will be branded as white racism–any critique of black racism always is–but unfortunately for America’s future and thanks to Obama’s MSM, few Americans grasp the import of what’s going on in our nation–until and unless it hits home as in the case of that mother in Aurora, CO.  Even more unfortunate is that if and when a majority of Americans finally come to the realization that we are on the verge of an all-out race war as predicted by Louis Farrakhan, it will be too late to avoid it.

Anyone unaware that the United States is currently in more trouble today than we were in 1861, anyone who still thinks that Barack Hussein Obama ever had any intention of healing the racial divides in America, anyone who believes we can survive a government of, by and for a hateful minority, anyone who feels twisted political correctness can cure any or all of our ills should get their heads examined–preferably by a conservative shrink who can distinguish fantasies from realities.