Al Gore Is a Crazy Sex Poodle  Albert Arnold “Al” Gore, Jr. would have made a splendiferous president had he not managed to lodge his head up where the sun don’t shine and had he not been Albert Arnold “Al” Gore, Jr.

The Goreacle, having escaped charges that he groped, propositioned, and exposed himself to a middle-aged masseuse in Portland in 2006 after famously lodging a public liplock on then-wife Tipper Gore, still cashed in mightily with his farcical “An Inconvenient Truth” and scored big time again this January with the sale of his Current TV channel that no one watched to the Al Jazeera network following an abortive effort to launch an IPO that no one offered to buy.

He later told Charlie Rose that the Muslim-owned Al Jazeera is “respected” and “tells it like it is,” unlike the “propaganda”  we see on the Fox News Channel. (

That all goes to show you that someone can fool a lot of the people anytime and that any fool can sell his soul for a paltry $100,000,000 at least one time.

The Goreacle, whose academic transcripts from the elite St. Albans High School, Harvard, and Vanderbilt University’s divinity and law schools make George W. Bush seem almost a scholar and his science grades make Bush seem almost a genius, nevertheless likes to hold forth on climate science as if he knows what he’s talking about.

That all goes to show you that even an ignoramus can run for president, become a billionaire, and pose as a knowledgeable scientist.

Some more of "theirs", Lol.  In one more classic demonstration of overachieving chutzpa, Gore appeared on Ellen Degeneris’ talk show where he  expounded on his favorite money-making scam of global warming/global cooling/climate change and made the insightful observation long known to fourth graders that ”It turns out plants need sunlight,” to which Ellen replied with her patented smile, “Yes,” as if she too had just learned a grade school fact of vegetative life.

The Goreacle did share with Ellen and her audience an interesting but very little known Obama government scheme to save Mother Earth from the alleged scourge of global warming.  (We can forget for the nonce that phony climatologists were warning of the scourge of a new ice age a mere 30 years ago and finally settled on the catchphrase “climate change” after Mother Earth kept changing as she has been wont to do for eons.)

An excerpt from the Gore-Degeneris exchange:

Ellen: “There’s a rumor, I don’t know if this is true or not, that some scientists are trying to figure out a way to block the sun to try to slow down global warming.”

Gore: “It’s a measure of the feeling of desperation that some of them feel . . .”

Ellen: “Are they really thinking they can do that?”

Gore: “Well, some of them are seriously proposing, and I think it’s completely nuts [laughter], you know, you put another kind of pollution, sulfur dioxide, up to orbit . . . cover the atmosphere, the sky won’t be really blue in the way it is now anymore, but it would block out some of the sun’s heat so that we wouldn’t have to take the difficult steps to stop spewing all this global warming pollution into the atmosphere.”

Gore “admitted that scientists have ‘proposed’ programs intended to ‘figure out a way to block out the sun,’ ” a governmental effort many believe is already in process via the ‘chemtrail’ program,” a deliberate release of chemical or biological aerosols high into the atmosphere which then form synthetic clouds to create earthly shade and forestall cooking ol’ Mom Earth. (

Chemtrails  Fully aware he shouldn’t dare suggest that the Obamians are plotting to screw up the planet more than it already is, Gore failed to address chemtrails.

Not incidentally, the chemtrail program has been dismissed by climate scientists–the conspiratorial hoaxers who have perpetrated the greatest scam in history–anthropogenic global warming–as nothing more than a conspiracy theory, as a complete hoax.

Assuming he’s in Obama’s climate loop, I really don’t get Al’s reticence in discussing chemtrails in detail.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong with fanatical environmentalists messing with the Earth’s delicate atmosphere?  Could their actions really affect plants, as Al Gore brilliantly observed?  Granted, summers could get cooler but wouldn’t winters get colder?  And would Al’s Nobel Prize be revoked before or after our planet dies? 

UPDATE: Warmers like Gore have an excuse for everything.  All the snow and cold in the U.S. are caused by, what else, global warming! (

And if we have a cold snap next July it will be caused by global warming!  And if your puppy pees on your carpet it will be because of global warming!  And if …