In case the reader hasn’t noticed, America is changing.  Rapidly.

Led by Hollywood and the mainstream news and entertainment media, the America we once knew, a nation of humanly-flawed yet fundamentally good, God-fearing people, is being transformed into a nation of blind sheep heading down a slippery slope into a putrescent pit.

Nowhere are those changes more transparent than in the denigration of religion, particularly–exclusively–the debasement of Christianity.

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” is a regular in the Christian-bashing world.  One of its vile sketches showed devout Christian Tim Tebow being lectured by Jesus Christ to “take it down a notch,” a bit even Bob Beckel thought was “despicable” and Pat Robertson noted exemplified “an anti-Christian bigotry that is just disgusting.”

bloody Jesus-centered skit  “Saturday Night Live” hit a whole new low even for “SNL” last week when it featured a two minute video clip, ostensibly a satirical take on Quentin Tarantino’s ultra-violent “Django Unchained,” “Inglourious Basterds,” and “Pulp Fiction.” The “trailer” for “Djesus Uncrossed” depicted Jesus Christ as a maniacal, murderous avenger on Easter Sunday and His Apostles as “basterds” wreaking bloody vengeance on the “Ro-mans.”

(See the “SNL” trailer and listen to the audience’s uproarious laughter here

The left wing almost gleefully observed, “The ‘SNL’ parody is sure to offend many Christians, who may be put off by the first ‘SNL’ of the Lent [sic] season depicting the Son of God as opting to not sit at the right hand of the Father after rising from the dead, and instead kicking the asses of those who crucified him.”

True to its anti-Christian nature, the leftist praised “Djesus Uncrossed” as “one of their more amusing bits of blasphemy in quite some time.”

The conservative characterized the video as “obviously offensive” and pointed out that mocking Islam’s “Holy Prophet” Mohammed would never have been tolerated. 

Indeed, America’s entertainment media–and notably “SNL”–virtually never reference Mohammed, Islam, or Muslims for fear that whatever they do or say could be misinterpreted by the violent, so-called “religion of peace,” and it probably would be.  Christ and Christianity, however, are always fair game for “entertainers.” 

Lorne Michaels’ hypocritical “Saturday Night Live” feels safely comfortable ridiculing Christians and Christian dogma since Michaels knows that Christians won’t fight back.  Michaels and the rest of the pusillanimous leftist media don’t have the balls to satirize anything or anyone related to Islam since they know Muslims would undoubtedly make them wish they hadn’t. 

Leave me out of this.  It’s fortunate for them that an angry Christ hasn’t come back as “Djesus Uncrossed” armed with an automatic weapon to kick the sorry asses of those who shamelessly parody Him.