So, pre-born babies are no more than “mere products of conception”?

Hey, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and other abortionists: Take a look at that un-retouched photo on the website which recently featured a variety of pictures of pregnant women it described as “cringe-worthy,” including the amazing photo�of a pre-born baby visibly pushing his or her little hand against the mom-to-be’s abdominal wall.� (

Then, tell the public with a straight face that it represents nothing more than a mere product of conception and not a baby.

If anything, the amazing photo�is “awe-worthy” and proof positive that the abortion lobby in America is engaged in legalized infanticide, all in the name of “choice,”�a choice denied to the pre-born. 

UPDATE: It’s been suggested that the photo above has indeed been photo-shopped.  Since I can’t prove that it has or has not been, I offer the following incontrovertible picture of pre-born baby Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) Atkins reaching out from her mother’s womb and grasping the finger of the doctor delivering her in a C-section, a picture her father described as “amazing.”  I agree. 


Photo of Phoenix Baby Holding Doctors Finger During Cesarean Section Goes Viral