Doctor Barack Obama  At the risk of belaboring the obvious, that Obamacare is easily the biggest fraud perpetrated against the American people since the Anti-Saloon League said Prohibition would end drunkenness, recent revelations, which are not as much revelatory as they are damning, demand that Obamian lies and subterfuges regarding Obamacare be exposed.

Formally known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), you know, that earth-changing law passed in the still of the night by the Democrat House of Representatives by the narrowest of margins on March 21, 2010 without a single Republican “yea,” the law defended by then-Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as one Democrats had “to pass the so that you can find out what’s in it,” the law Americans were promised would radically reduce health care costs and effectively inaugurate a Nirvana-ish (Obama-ish) health care era, has already been proven to be a monumental failure.

Millions of Americans understood that the PPACA, patterned after the socialistic British National Health Service (NHS)–which is now bankrupt and in process of bankrupting the British nation–was rife with major, fatal flaws from the outset but Democrats foisted it on the American people, anyway.

The enormity of new taxes on the middle class required to finance Obamacare, gimmicks like cross subsidies, (sharing the wealth outside the tax code), inherent huge increases in the national deficit, outright lies regarding a patient’s right to keep his current doctors and the burdens imposed on all care-givers, harsh penalties imposed for not buying a policy, trampling on religious rights, and myriad other clearly immoral or unconstitutional features should have caused our Supreme Court to toss the PPACA into the garbage where it belongs.

PPACA – The Good, the Bad,  However, due to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ temporary attack of insanity when he sided with SCOTUS’ left wingers for self-serving reasons last July, Obamacare is now officially the law of the land.

Long before July, it was clear to conscious people that Obamians were fully aware of the PPACA’s fatal flaws and didn’t give a damn about them.

Instead, they began engaging in underhanded deals, Obamacare waivers awarded to the president’s loyal lackies who, like most federal employees, are exempted from the horrors of the PPACA–and consequently increase the costs to everyone mandated to be covered by Obamacare.

As of a year ago, some 1,231 companies had applied for and received those patronage-style waivers, approximately four million mostly labor-union members. 

Sucking up sure does have its rewards!

Getting little to no play on Obama’s mainstream media are the true costs to be levied on the rest of us unconnected schmucks in the form of financial penalties, layoffs, outright firings, and states choosing to opt out of the Obamacare disaster.  As unwieldy as it sounds, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act should be more aptly titled the “Patient Non-protective Un-affordable Care Farce” (PNUCF).

Obamacare 2. The Market-Ticker  How many Americans are aware:

–that the Internal Revenue Service issued a report this month which estimated that under Obamacare, the least expensive health insurance plan available to a family in 2016 will cost $20,000 annually?

–that millions of workers at Krogers and Dunkin Donuts and Taco Bell and Wendy’s and at hundreds of other companies will either lose their jobs or see their hours slashed to under 25 so their employers can qualify them as part-timers and thus avoid a $2000 penalty if they employ 50 full-time employees?

 –that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office revised its projections of the cost of Obamacare’s insurance subsidies and now estimates the subsidies will cost 29% more than it projected less than three years ago and now estimates a ten-year increas ed of $233 billion?

–that the new CBO report calculates that 7 million workers will lose their employer-sponsored health insurance due to ObamaCare and financial penalties to be imposed on those who don’t buy insurance are now expected to be $36 billion higher?

–that even many of the “chosen,” those 1,100 unions and other Obama supporters granted waivers, now want out of Obama’s legacy since they finally came to realize it is far worse than the health plans they currently enjoy?

–that the federal payroll will explode with hundreds of thousands of new hires needed to administer, interpret, and enforce the huge complexities of the 2,801 page PNUCF?

–that tens of thousands of physicians will retire or find a new line of work rather than try to take care of their patients under a system committed to the bottom line instead of adherence to ethical medicine?

–that hundreds of Catholic hospitals will close their doors rather than surrender their collective consciences to the government?

In view of the fact President Barack Hussein Obama has the MSM deep in his pocket, there’s little hope for any widespread objective reporting on the evils and fatal flaws infecting Obamacare. 

The full impact of Obamacare won’t begin until 2014 so we’ll just have to wait until his socialistic experiment hits millions of Americans in their wallets or when they are forced to wait months for critical surgeries or when they need a doctor and can’t find one before the we tell him that we demand the quality health care equivalent of the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program which covers the president and his family as well as almost all federal employees.