JOE CITIZEN SHOW RELEASES NEW Okay, let’s just say Joe Citizen brings home about $40,000 after federal, state, and local governments glom up to 50% of his salary and then he is hit with another, unanticipated take-home reduction of 2.3% ($920 per annum).

Joe and Mrs. Citizen have to make some hard decisions on how and where to reduce expenditures.

Do they tell the kids they have to go without dinner once in a while?  Do they tell their 15 month old that she has to reduce her Pampers consumption by 2.3%?  Do the Citizens skip the mortgage payment for March?

Or, do they have a Progresso soup and balogna sandwich supper once a month, cancel Billy’s trumpet lessons and Jenny’s ballet classes, forget that movie and babysitter, and maybe Joe gets a part-time job at Burger King?

Our Democrat leaders in Washington are on the verge of effectively choosing fewer dinners, fewer diapers, and risking our credit rating by not paying their bills by instituting a grand presidential idea, “sequestration,” a variation on the Citizens’ absurd options instead of doing what Mr. and Mrs. C. and most rational people would do–reduce unnecessary expenses, cut out some family frills, and tighten their collective belts.

Politicians are rarely the brightest bulbs, despite what they think of themselves.

And Democrat pols certainly think they’re smart as hell–although they can’t come close to passing America’s budget, paying off a farthing of America’s humongous national debt, or convince Americans that politicians actually fulfill any purpose, aside from digging the country deeper and deeper into what could soon become a financial morass without a bottom.

The late, great, (Democrat) humorist Will Rogers once brilliantly opined, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging,” words of wisdom today’s Dems either can’t understand or elect to ignore since they have been digging and digging and digging America into one of the deepest economic holes in recorded history by spending and spending and spending monies we don’t even have.

Their solution?  Sequestration.

Henny and Penny and we The latest example of Democrat dearth of smarts is currently being exhibited by the guy George Will describes as the “Hysteric in Chief,” none other than President Barack Hussein Obama himself who is carrying on like Henny Penny/Chicken Licken/Chicken Little of folklore fame who believed “The sky is falling!” simply because he had been hit on his fowl head by a falling acorn.

As far as I know, Obama hasn’t had a falling acorn boink his head since his acolytes at the radical ACORN were outed as his minions.  However, our “scholar president” nevertheless acts much like the chicken-brained Henny Penny by threatening to cut essential services and our military when he repeatedly says Republicans must agree with him or the sky would virtually fall.

In an article on titled “Will: The Sequester Is a Manufactured Crisis,” the astute, conservative political observer George Will put Obama’s whole, farcical sequestration charade in perspective.

commentator George Will is Will wrote that “Even during this desultory economic recovery, one industry thrives–the manufacture of synthetic hysteria. It is, however, inaccurate to accuse the Hysteric in Chief of crying ‘Wolf! about spending cuts under the sequester. He is actually crying ‘Hamster!’

“As in: Batten down the hatches–the sequester will cut $85 billion from this years $3.6 trillion budget! Or: Head for the storm cellar because spending will be cut 2.3 percent! Or: Washington chainsaw massacre–we must scrape by on 97.7 percent of current spending! Or: Chaos is coming because the sequester will cut a sum $25 billion larger than was just shoveled out the door. . . for victims of storm Sandy! Or: Heaven forfend, the sequester will cut 47 percent as much as was spent on the AIG bailout! Or: Famine, pestilence and locusts will come when the sequester causes federal spending over 10 years to plummet from $46 trillion all the way down to $44.8 trillion! Or: Grass will grow in the streets of America�s cities if the domestic agencies whose budgets have increased 17 percent under President Obama must endure a 5 percent cut!” (

Or, does anyone recall the infamous admission made by the president’s former henchman Rahm Emanuel in 2009 that “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste?” The looming sequestration non-disaster which Obama had originally proposed doesn’t even qualify as a “serious crisis” yet Obama and his boyz are carrying on as if the world will come to an end unless those irresponsible Republicans cave again while he buries us deeper in the morass.

Both the Citizen family and I would ask: Why in the name of all that’s right and good in America don’t this president and his lapdog Democrats finally admit that spending historically never leads to prosperity, that increased taxes only cripple entrpreneurship and incentive and  invariably result in greater unemployment and economic stagnation?

More to the point, how we can we continue to spend what we don’t have?  

The Sequester feature image Let Obama’s sequestration chips fall where they may. When we wake on the morning of March 1st the sky will still be up there where it’s supposed to be, President Henny Penny/Chicken Licken/Chicken Little will have huge splatters of rotten eggs on his face, and the world will go on as it always has.