“War on Women.” Democrats  As patently ridiculous as it was, the “Republican War on Women” campaign concocted by Barack Hussein Obama and his minions to convince American voters that the Republican Party absolutely hated the female gender proved to be a resounding success last November when 55% of women cast their ballots for Obama thereby guaranteeing him re-election to a second term.

The chief problems with that absurd “war” is that it never existed and the allegation had as much basis in reality as believing in our president’s competence, honesty, and decency.

In 2008, single women had favored Obama by an astounding 41% margin which percentage must have inspired Obamians to launch the 2012 Republican war on women canard, that and the fact it is they and various other Democrats who have  demonstrated both an abysmal contempt for and gross discrimination toward the fair sex (Am I still allowed to use that terminology?).  They figured the best defense was a fabricated, extremely offensive offense.

Ernest Hewett CT State  Democrat contempt was most recently illustrated by the Deputy Speaker of the Connecticut state legislature, Democrat Ernest Hewett, who responded to a 17 year old girl’s testimony on her work at a nature center.  After she said “I am usually a very shy person, and now I am more outgoing,” Hewett commented, “If you’re bashful, I got a snake sitting under my desk here.”

He later explained that his lewd response ”came out the wrong way. . . . It had nothing to do with sex, in my mind.”

Right!  It was related to his interest in ectothermic, amniote vertebrates.

Hear the exchange between Hewett and the girl here http://tinyurl.com/a67pufu.

I wonder how outgoing she will be after being publicly humiliated by a Democrat’s suggestive remark and whether she still thinks Republicans are the ones conducting a war on women.

Either Hewett really had a snake under his desk or he had as much contempt for that young girl’s sensitivities as did Gene Sperling, Obama’s Director of the National Economic Council, who admittedly screamed at Bob Woodward for having the audacity to criticize America’s Dear Leader.

However, the most disgusting attacks by Obama’s administration invariably target women.

The New York Post’s Maureen Callahan reported on Tuesday that Jonathan Alter, another victim of Obamaian retribution for daring to disagree with Dear Leader, had “a young [female] reporter asking tough, important questions of an [unidentified] Obama Cabinet secretary.  She was doing her job, and they were trying to bully her. In an e-mail, they called her the vilest names–bitch, c–t, a–hole.”

Alter complained and was told the matter would be investigated.  As Alter later said, “Nothing happened.”  (http://tinyurl.com/clz36xb)

Were a perverted, African-American state legislator like Ernest Hewett or a foul-mouthed, misogynistic  Obama cabinet member the only examples of the Democrat war on women, we could dismiss them as aberrations.  Unfortunately for the Party of the People, they are more typical than exceptional.

As Derek Hunter wrote on TownHall.com, the Dem approach to women is basically, Don’t concern your little selves over real issues because you don’t have any smarts so “Here’s some free birth control, now shut up and vote for me.” And remember that “There’s a war on women, and Republicans are responsible.” (http://tinyurl.com/ckduj54)

Facts are antithetical to the devious Obamian-Dem effort to cast Republicans in their mold.

Women tend to say,  Busily engaged in tarring and feathering those nasty Republicans with the slander that the GOP despises women, Democrats try to hide the truth that almost six million women are unemployed, that more than 400,000 women have lost their jobs, that poverty rates among women have soared to record highs, that unemployment among women has jumped from 7 percent to 8.1 percent, that joblessness among single women has almost doubled as contrasted with pre-recession levels–and all since xx Obama took office. (http://tinyurl.com/cv53a8k)

Legalized abortion, the most egregious sin ever committed against women, is rarely mentioned by Obama or the Democrat Party except. in the context of how liberating the act of killing pre-born babies is for the expectant mother–who has to live the rest of her life knowing she literally and deliberately murdered her pre-born child or children.

If the execution of over 55 million innocent babies since 1973, at least half of whom were female babies, doesn’t represent a Democrat Party act of war against women, what is?

Yep, undeniably, there’s a war on women in progress in America, a war carefully calculated and waged by Obama and his Democrat Party to win votes and with no intent to take any prisoners, least of all innocent victims.