Now, I can’t vouch for the validity of Barack Hussein Obama’s alleged wedding photo depicting him and Chewbacca the Wookie of “Star Wars” fame for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the picture may have been photo-shopped, secondly it was posted by, thirdly I do believe Chewbacca was a male Wookie, but mainly because he (?) was essentially a gentle, nice beast despite his (?) ferocious demeanor, unlike Obama’s reputed wife who is anything but gentle and nice and quite ferocious although she manages to conceal her lack of gentle-ness, nice-ness, and ferocity from the public.

With that, I give you–and, again, I caution that the photo has not been verified–Barry and Chew’s wedding picture dated October 3rd, 1992, the same day the future president supposedly wed Michelle LaVaughn Robinson.


Personally, I think the photo has been doctored but in view of Obama’s endorsement of “mixed marriages” and affinity for all things Hollywood and the uncanny resemblance between Michelle and Chewy, hey, anything’s possible, right?

 of Michelle Obama.