Queen Elizabeth II Blings in  Justin Bieber  The almost 87 year old Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen Elizabeth II,  constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states, leader of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations, Supreme Governor of the Church of England and, like her forebear King Henry VIII, Defender of the Faith would appear to have very little in common with 19 year old commoner Justin Drew Bieber, King of the Tweenies, Canadian pop singer idol-actor-songwriter aside from Bieber’s citizenship in one of her constitutional monarchies.

However, as we all know, appearances are often very deceiving.  In fact, both the queen and the teen share some form of a serious malady–dementia, originally called madness–although there may be a method to Elizabeth’s madness.

Good Queen Liz evidenced her age-related madness when it was announced she will throw her considerable support into promoting ”gay rights” by signing a grandly-named “21st Century Commonwealth Magna Carta”, a new charter supposedly designed to abolish discrimination against homosexuals as well as endorsing the “empowerment” of women throughout the Commonwealth.  

In fact, though, despite being proclaimed by gay agitators as a monumental royal step toward equal rights for all, Elizabeth’s new Magna Carta doesn’t even mention sexuality, homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, or anyone in between. 

Those omissions are being explained as deference to a number of Commonwealth nations like Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, Tanzania, and others that do not tolerate such aberrant activities and some execute  practitioners found guilty of those crimes.  Instead, the charter uses the vague catch-all phrase “other grounds”  which is open to interpretation: “We are implacably opposed to all forms of discrimination, whether rooted in gender, race, colour, creed, political belief or other grounds.” 

England’s second-longest reigning monarch has been roundly criticized by Peter Tatchell and his fellow homosexuals for ignoring the gay community but hasn’t seemed to have noticed that criticism anymore than she noticed that her vaunted charter continues to ignore the LGBTs. 

Perhaps she’s acting in her role as Defender of the Faith? 

Selena Gomez mp3 music  Newly-minted, Bad Boy Bieber has been acting quite mad for a few years now due to an apparent case of extreme early onset dementia that started when his intellectual-superior and far more mature  girlfriend, 20 year old American singer-actress Selena Gomez, wisely and publicly dumped her androgynous lover in favor of pursuing a real man.

Even before said dumping, poor multimillionaire Justin, who pulled in a cool $55 million last year, $6,261 per hour according to ET, has been acting oddly, some would say madly.

He was caught flipping the bird at a photographer on his 17th birthday in March 2011 and again in November 2011 and in November 2012.  In July 2012, he was ticketed for driving over 100 mph hour in a 65 mph zone.

-Justin Bieber appears to be  Currently in Queen Liz’ backyard on his “Believe” tour, Bieber showed up two hours late for a London childrens’ show, supposedly passed out backstage at another London concert, was hospitalized with “chest pains,” and erupted “I’ll f**king beat the f**k out of you” at a photographer while, of course, under the protection of his bodyguards who literally saved his sorry ass from being pummeled into the pavement.

In an article titled “Unbeliebable!: The Behind-the-Scenes Power Struggle that Turned Justin Bieber’s UK Tour into a Fiasco,” London’s Daily Mail reported:

—In the absence of his mommy who has since flown to his aid, Bieber was being mentored by black actor and former rapper Will Smith;

—He has been hanging and doing pot with rappers Lil Twist Lil Twist is currently  and Lil Za ME! by LIl ZA â–º ◄  who “are thought to be exerting an  increasing influence on Bieber”;

—His illicit activities and bizarre buddies are “raising serious questions about Bieber’s increasingly erratic behaviour and state of mind”:

—A Hollywood associate said, “You have to look at the people he is hanging out with”. 

You also have to look at the effects of an amazingly rapid rise to stardom on the mind of a young Canadian boy who had the whole world–ok, the tweenie and teenie world–just two short years ago and who is currently on a clear path to ruination and perdition–ok, to the status of a nonentity.  It all could drive you into dementia, I tell you!  Not the same madness as Queen Elizabeth II’s but madness nonetheless!