Statistics In Your ROM  The following numbers, statistics, and percentages gleaned from various sources largely and intentionally ignored by liberal leftists are posted here as a public service warning to Americans so obsessed with who will win the “Dancing With the Stars” competition, who will survive the rigors of life on the Caramoan Peninsula, or who Donald Trump will fire next that they are oblivious of what’s going on in our country and our world that is of actual significance.

Numbers can be tedious to wade through and evaluating their import can be daunting for even the most insightful readers.  However, these figures are all worth consideration and evaluation as to what they mean and what they portend for Americans and for America’s future.

Not listed in any particular order, these authenticated numbers, stats, and percentages are presented without editorial comment in an effort to provide balance to the reporting provided by President Barack Hussein Obama’s mainstream media lackeys who rarely if ever report the truth when truth reflects negatively on their Anointed One or force his administration to address established and often ugly domestic and international realities.


… 47,791,996 Americans are now on the Supplemental Nutrional Assistance Program, SNAP clients formerly known as food stamp recipients (US Department of Agriculture);

… 18.7 million American schoolkids regularly received “free lunches” in 2012 (;

… 89,304,000 Americans were ”Not in Labor Force” as of March, 296,000 fewer employed since January (Bureau of Labor Statistics);

… 95% of the planet’s population may be forced to become vegetarians by 2050 due to water shortages and lack of animal-based protein products (Stockholm International Water Institute);

… 42% of Austrians believe that Adolph Hitler’s rule wasn’t all that bad and 54% think neo-Nazis could win Austrian elections if there weren’t a law banning them (Austrian newspaper Der Standard);

… 33 1/3%, the percentage of Congressional Black Caucus Representatives who have been under ethics investigations once or more (;

… 57, the known number of black serial killers, including the 71 white people murdered in the long-forgotten Zebra Killings (;

… $108 billion, the amount General Electric has stashed away in overseas tax-free cash accounts, with Pfizer, Microsoft, Apple and other major US corporations not far behind (Investors Business Daily);

… 12, the number of women our president’s Kenyan half-brother Malik Obama–who served as Obama’s best man and for whom our leader acted as best man at Malik’s first wedding–took to wife and allegedly beat as well as allegedly seduced a teenager (Daily Mail);

… 8, the number of United States embassies attacked during Hillary Clinton’s 4-year reign as Secretary of State (;

… 128,969, a (partial) body count of those murdered by Muslim terrorists since 1970, including the September 11th, 2001 attacks (Wikipedia);

… 100,000, 2.2 million and 12 million, respectively the number of rapes, prisoners, and crimes in America as of 2010 (, et al.);

… 1.6 billion, the number of rounds of ammunition purchased by Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security over the past two years (;

… 12 million, 2.2 million, 15,000, 100,000, respectively and approximately the number of crimes committed in America annually, the number of men and women currently incarcerated in our jails and prisons, the number of murders, and the number of rapes reported every year (;

… Zero, the number of times our president has acknowledged we are in a war to the death with Islam; the number of times Dave Letterman and other TV comics have had the balls to ridicule Muhammad, Muslims, or Islam as contrasted with to their incessant “jokes” about popes, Catholics, and the Catholic Church; the number of times Al Sharpton and Company have had the honesty to admit that crime in America is disproportionately caused by blacks in America; the number of times Hillary or Bill Clinton or Barack Obama have told the truth about anything; the number of times newly-minted Secretary of State John Kerry has said he loved our country; the number of times the ACLU has acted in the best interests of America; the number of times liberal leftists have ever demonstrated that they care as much about our country as they do about achieving their goals of suberting America (My opinion).

I’m fully aware that numbers, statistics, and percentages can be challenged and are debatable and I invite readers to challenge and debate the above with factual contradictory evidence.  I also know that a preponderance of significant and irrefutable numbers, statistics, and percentages closely related to America’s future should be disregarded only at our peril.