conservative Jay Richards  Part One of this series dealt with how the words “white” and “conservative” have been transmogrified by liberal-leftists into pejorative terms as illustrated by California’s Oxnard Union School District and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Americorps’ VISTA program with Oxnard punishing students for acting patriotically and Wisconsin shaming white kids for being, well, for being white kids–all in the name of political correctness.   

Other favorite lib-left targets are the most vulnerable in our society, pre-born infants, and the predominantly-conservative people who speak out in defense of their right to live.

Earlier this month U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill, a Clinton appointee, struck down as unconstitutional Idaho’s “fetal pain law” which banned abortions after 20 weeks and was enacted because it’s now understood that pre-borns can experience excruciating pain after that age, pain that must be unimaginable during abortion procedures.  Prior to Judge Winmill’s determination that humans did not merit the same rights as animals, Idaho had been one of ten, (mostly red), states which had passed similar, humanly humane laws.

In his liberal-leftist wisdom, Winmill decided the Idaho law wrongfully placed an unfair burden on women seeking to abort their in utero children and that protecting the right of a fetus not to be tortured to death don’t outweigh a woman’s right to choose to terminate its life. (

In the lib-left mindset, it’s not at all evil to viciously kill pre-borns in the womb.  What’s evil is the conservative idea that they have a right to life which supersedes a woman’s “constitutional” right to privacy, a right that doesn’t explicitly exist in our Constitution yet was added by liberal-leftists on the Supreme Court.

Also, on the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s shameful Roe v. Wade decision in January, at the main campus of the nation’s largest Catholic university, DePaul, 13 pro-choice students mindlessly destroyed a memorial for aborted babies featuring 500 little pink and blue flags which had been set up by DePaul’s conservative Young Americans for Freedom and tossed them into the garbage.

The chairman of the DePaul YAF, senior Kristopher Del Campo, reported the vandalism and published the names of the 13 vandals–after an investigator for DePaul’s public safety department had outed them by name and after they admitted destroying the YAF display because they found pro-lifers’ freedom of speech to be offensive.

Incredibly, the Vincentian university exonerated the offended saboteurs and determined Del Campo was guilty of violating DePaul’s code of student responsibility by publicizing the identities of the real criminals as an act deemed “disorderly, violent, intimidating or dangerous.” (

Apparently, literally trashing an anti-abortion display at DePaul was in no way “disorderly, violent, intimidating or dangerous” but publicly exposing who the trashers were–probably in hopes of staving off repetitions of similar vandalism of YAF efforts to save the lives of defenseless babies–was unforgivably reprehensible.

And this is a Catholic university?

Unfortunately, like Notre Dame and other reputedly-Catholic institutions, DePaul has evidently devolved into a just one more PC school which has forgotten its original mission and has become an ignorant tool of godless liberal-leftism.

Homosexuals are far and away the leaders of godlessness–and in the vanguard of child predation both in American society as a whole and in our schools.

Bill O'Reilly official Twitter  That fact was validated when Denver Post editorial page editor Curtis Hubbard called Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly a “bigot.”  Hubbard accused O’Reilly of painting Colorado’s state house speaker Mark Ferrandino as a “pervert-pedophile” because the admittedly homosexual Ferrandino hasn’t supported O’Reilly’s push for “Jessica’s Law,” a proposal aimed at insuring convicted pedophiles spend major time in prison, though Ferrandino finds time to advocate for same-sex marriages and legalizing marijuana.

Hubbard retaliated by attacking O’Reilly for alleging the host of “The O’Reilly Factor” exploited Ferrandino’s homosexuality and support for gay marriage as the reasons Ferrandino opposed “Jessica’s Law.”  In a blatant attempt to avoid serious questioning, Hubbard contended he didn’t not know enough about ”Jessica’s Law” to discuss it, tantamount to admitting he was either an ignoramus, a liar, or both.

In recent years, homosexuals like Curtis Hubbard, a known defender of pedophiles, have made great strides toward acceptance as normal people in society.

They have achieved those advances through highly-organized actions while all the while condemning evil, heterosexual, intolerant conservatives as–evil, heterosexual, intolerant conservatives who just don’t seem to understand kind, peaceful, all-loving, all-embracing gays.

Day of Silence Protest Keeps  They agitate in America’s schools with such scams as “Days of Silence” and by pressuring schools to integrate homosexual education into school curricula as soon as kindergarten.  They demonstrate en masse whenever they disagree with what they perceive as homophobic businesses as when they blacklisted Chick-fil-A and Target.  They campaign for pro-gay political candidates like Barack Obama and smear candidates they see as anti-gay such as Minnesotta’s Tom Emmer.  They stage obscene public exhibitions in major cities every Spring designed to seduce young people into their sick lifestyle and call them “Gay Pride” events. 

(See “On the Promotion of Homosexuality in Our Schools” (

Most conscious, reasonably-intelligent Americans can easily see through liberal-leftist misrepresentations and hypocrisies but the twisted machinations of our twisted educators and mainstream mediates often escape scrutiny since we’ve been trained to believe they are expert professionals and the rest of us are rank amateurs.

The ongoing corruption of America’s judicial system, the abortionists who are defiling our universities, the homosexual movement which is trying to converting our children are all serious threats to our country. 

We may survive those moral and social political corrections but we may never survive as the nation we once were.  We evil, straight conservatives have our work cut out for us.