Turning a progressive blind eye to vicious black hate groups and to revolutionary black racists in America, more and more liberal educators and leftist politicians are waging dirty campaigns to convince white Americans they are responsible for the continued poverty and unemployment among black Americans and that whites are literally evil–simply because they are Caucasians.

As of today, those leftists haven’t specifically blamed white people for the massive out-of-wedlock black birth rates, for millions of black men abandoning the children they procreate, for blacks committing unprecedented numbers of crimes, etc. but just give them time.  When Chicago’s ultra-liberal mayor Rahm Emanuel is accused of racism because he proposed closing schools in black neighborhoods, anything is possible.

Apparently, progressives are oblivious to the real threat to civil behavior and indeed the survival of our country posed by violent, black racist organizations such as the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam and hate-mongers like Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, the Jesse Jacksons, and others since progressives are so obsessed with allegedly racist white people they refuse to acknowledge the realities of life in 2013 America.

Archived slavery poster  Only those ignorant of history would deny that repressive, institutionalized bigotry, segregation, Jim Crow laws, the KKK etc. once thrived in some regions of our nation.  Likewise, only those committed to black supremacy, retribution, and reparations in 21st century America would deny that, over the past half-century, America’s white majority has done all it possibly could to accord minorities equal treatment under the law.

As for society as a whole, one need simply note the huge increases in interracial marriages, the African-American presence in academia, in the entertainment, television, and print media, in corporate America, and even in our junior high and high schools to appreciate the level of social integration that has occurred in the last fifty years.

Haven’t black agitators noticed that mixed race couples are no longer a societal  anomaly?  Are they unaware that the number of black professors in our colleges and universities has grown exponentially?  Don’t they know that blacks in  various media in 2013 far exceed their demographic proportions?  Are they aware that FORTUNE 500 companies include some 275 senior black members as opposed to 19 in 1986?  Have they ever visited schools where young black boys are frequently seen kissing and strolling hand-in-hand with young white girls?

Of course, they know all that yet, like ravenous piranhas closing in on a kill, liberal-leftists show no quarter in their quest for the aforementioned goals of supremacy, retribution, and reparations.

Essentially, radical African-Americans continue to thirst for vengeance for our ancient national sin of slavery–for which sin the Union armies suffered some 646,392 Union casualties in the Civil War–and recompense for the damage LBJ’s “War on Poverty” inflicted on them, destroying family units and making them so dependent on government largesse that they were stripped of any incentive to improve their lot in life by themselves.

Most recently, the cheesy state of Wisconsin has come to their defense in the form of CREATE Wisconsin, a teachers’ training program sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

According to EAGnews.org, the program  encourages “teachers to treat early American history as a hostile invasion of blood-thirsty Europeans who were determined to exterminate native populations and steal the continent for themselves,” recommends textbooks such as Columbus and other Cannibals which describes Christopher Columbus and other explorers as agents of “terrorism, genocide and ecocide,” and declares that “Racism is caused by white people, by our attitudes, behaviors, practices, and institutions” and asks teachers, ”How do you justify [white privilege] for yourself?”


CREATE Wisconsin indocrinates gullible K-12 teachers “to incorporate radical political messages into their daily lessons, regardless of the grade level they teach [in order to effect] an eventual social revolution that will recreate America in their preferred image.” (http://tinyurl.com/cw6thy6)

Personally, I don’t have to “justify” anything since I’m not a racist–unless lib-leftists choose to define me as one because I believe and have often substantiated the fact that the actual race haters in America today have black skin.

Furthermore, if Columbus and the Conquistadors had not “discovered,” conquered, and settled the New World–albeit sometimes brutally–Native Americans today would still be warring with one another, eating one another, and barely subsisting in drafty tee-pees.

Lest I be accused of targeting only Wisconsin’s public school teachers as purveyors of racist lies against white people, it should be noted that the University of Wisconsin Duluth-Superior has refused to back down from an outrageous  campaign supposedly designed to educate the public on the liberal-manufactured illusion of racial favoritism.

UWDS’ cure for that inequity?  Writing “unfair” on white students’ faces along with a variety of other black complaints such as, “It’s Hard to See Racism When You’re White” and ”Is White Skin Really Fair Skin?”  The university’s Multicultural Student Center observed that “Many Duluth residents don’t think so.  Some people believe it spreads a message of hate, focuses too much on skin color and pinpoints Caucasians for being insensitive or naïve when it comes to issues of race.”

In fact, the campaign does far more: It is racist, racially-divisive, runs counter to President Barack Hussein Obama’s preachings on a race-neutral society–and proves that Caucasians are stupid for tolerating this insanity.

Ironically, Jesse Jackson the First years ago contended that blacks can never be racists since they are not “in power” and because they suffer from the evil of slavery.

Aside from the absurdity of suggesting that millions of former slaves, who must currently be somewhere around 150 years of age, are still suffering from slavery, the good “reverend” has not updated his bizarre opinions in view of Obama’s two election victories.  Those victories would never have happened without white voter support, they obviously demonstrate that blacks are now “in power,” and the newly-empowered African-Americans just might be very capable of being extreme racists.

Millions of Americans firmly believe that last is not merely a possibility but an actuality although to articulate that actuality is deemed patently racist in P.C. America.