NAME: Peter Seeger Leftist folk singer-peacenik Pete Seeger morbidly whined in the fifties, “Where have all the flowers gone?/. . . Girls have picked them every one/. . . Where have all the soldiers gone?/Gone to graveyards every one/When will they ever learn?/ When will they ever learn?”

Though they wouldn’t make for much of a folk song, good questions have been raised by Alex Jones on his website but by no members President Barack Hussein’s remarkably-incurious mainstream media. For example:

–Where have all the 1.4 billion bullets purchased last year and the 600,000 recently purchased by our Department of Homeland Security (for a grand total of two billion .40 caliber, 9mm, and now hollow point bullets) gone and where are they going?

of an estimated 7,000 MRAP –Where have all the 2,700 Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles, (MRAPs), retrofitted fighting vehicles designed to survive improvised explosive devices, ambushes, and land mines, gone and where are they going?

–Where have all the drones, which Attorney General Holder said “could conceivably. . . [be used by the military] if necessary to protect the homeland” before he retracted that outrage by denying Obama would ever “use drone strikes against American citizens on American soil,” gone and where are they going?

–Where have all the 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles, the supplies of body armor, and the riot gear requisitioned by the DHS over the past two years gone and where are they going?

–Where have all our constitutional protections against repressive government gone and where are they going?

The answers, my friends, aren’t blowing in the wind, they’re blowing like a menacing storm out of Washington D.C. where our elected and unelected leaders are plotting something.

I’m fully aware of how paranoid that sounds but, keep in mind, even paranoiacs have enemies.

What are they plotting? Neither Alex Jones nor I know for certain just what but Jones has posted a number of videos he aptly characterizes as “scary,” videos showing massive numbers of military vehicles being shipped aboard trains to undisclosed domestic locations. (See those videos and the sources for all of the above at

Again, curiously, those shipments have escaped the attention of Obama’s MSM, a fact which begs additional questions:

janet-napolitano-nap-state-of- –Why is the Secretary of America’s Department of Homeland Security, Janet (Butch) Napolitano, stockpiling enough ammunition and armor sufficient to kill every American citizen in the homeland ten times over? Doesn’t she know she’s in charge of the DHS and not the Department of Defense?

Attorney General Eric Holder's –Why did the Attorney General contradict himself on the issue of the president’s authority to execute an American citizen via a drone attack then hedge his denial by adding, as long as the executed victim had “not engaged in combat on U.S. soil”? Does Holder’s idea of “combat” incorporate acts of civil disobedience?

–Are this administration, which has already shown active contempt for the Constitution, and this president, who has strongly suggested he is prepared to rule America by executive action outside the purview of Congress and the courts, planning to extend Obama’s second term “flexibility” to crushing any legal dissent by force of arms, two billion rounds of ammunition, 2700 MRAPs, an unknown number of killer drones, and 7000 assault rifles wielded by American (DHS?) troops protected by body armor and riot gear?

Pete Seeger asked decades ago, “When will we ever learn?” in a much different context. That question should be asked today in the context of an America that naïvely believes what has happened in countless other countries can’t possibly happen here. Maybe we will come to believe after we realize we have ignored the lessons of history–by which time it will be too late.