“We righted a wrong.  Today we’ve done justice:” Sen. Joe Lieberman

“When breaking down the specifics, more respondents answered unfavorably or remain uncertain about a policy change than those who favor repeal:” Rep. Duncan Hunter   

dadt.jpg   Whether it represents justice or uncertainty, homosexuals are beyond giddy in some instances over the long-awaited, long-Obama-promised repeal of Bill Clinton’s cure-all for inclusion of outed gays in the United States’ military, the misbegotten policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” unaffectionately known as DADT.

Bubba’s sop to his homosexual supporters essentially boiled down to a policy of advising gays to keep their sexual inclinations to themselves and instructing their military superiors not to ask how personnel got off sexually as long as they didn’t overtly get off in mess halls, barracks, shower rooms, foxholes, etc.

The repeal of Bill Clinton’s 17 year old policy of DADT was an insult to our millions of heterosexual men and women in the armed forces and an insult to the intelligence of the American people who are being led to believe that our military will be able to continue to function as it should and must. 

DADT was a farce from the beginning. Its repeal could be farcical catastrophe. 

The lopsided, Democrat sponsored repeal vote of 65-31 in the Senate was assured after the Pentagon released the results of its extended study/poll of those in the military and their families which allegedly, unexpectedly, showed that 70% had no problem with gays serving openly.  That conclusion depends in large part on who counted and who interpreted the votes and why those “respondents [who] answered unfavorably or remain uncertain” were ignored.

Rumors as to the validity of the Pentagon conclusions, especially with regard to the effects of DADT repeal on combat troops, were afoot almost since the day the DADT report was made public: http://tiny.cc/sfbvs 

Rep. Hunter, a Marine colonel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, noted, “Throughout this debate, the focus has been on what overturning current policy would mean for recruitment, retention and combat readiness.  In going over the 100-plus question survey, there are only a handful of questions pertaining to direct combat experience and, even then, the questions do little to provide any insight into how combat units might be impacted.  That is a critical distinction that the report fails to identify:” http://tiny.cc/qyyry 

The rationale seemed to be not the security of our combat troops, 60% of whom unequivocably believe that serving alongside outed homosexuals would be unacceptable, but fulfilling gay demands and Obama’s promises at any cost.    

One chief argument in favor of repeal, in addition to what Sen. Lieberman felt was the need to right a wrong and homosexual demands for repeal and the necessity of Obama fulfilling a pledge regardless of any adverse effects, was the argument that, well, if gays can serve openly and without problems in the Israeli and British militaries, why not in ours? 

Jed Babbin, former undersecretary of Defense, offers the Why not which was seconded by Retired Rear Admiral Michael R. Groothausen. 

Babbin states that it’s ”an unproven assertion” that other militaries have not had issues with gays serving in their armed forces and points to Marine Commandant James Amos who anticipates “problems with order and discipline if DADT is repealed.”  Babbin adds that Amos is “a better judge of that than the gay activists–or any members of Congress–are.” 

That would presumably include Senator Lieberman and others in the Gang of 65 senators who voted for repeal.  

My American Values.   Admiral Groothausen cites an even more cogent reason why America shouldn’t try emulating the Israeli, British, or any other militaries, on the gay issue, namely that it wouldn’t work for us based on our more conservative cultural differences. 

The admiral, former commander of NATO ships, knows that “There are foreign navies that are so open about sexuality that some even share heads [among both sexes] and they look at sexuality a little bit different than Americans do.”  He also contends that, “Judeo-Christian values hold more sway in America than in Europe as illustrated by “ ‘Top-less and bottomless European beaches, that just does not exist here.  They are trying to force something down our throats that does not match American society.” 

The admiral got that right.  The DADT repeal is the military equivalent of another measure forced down the gagging throat of America, Obamacare, but whereas the Obamacare debacle is only detrimental to Americans’ physical health. ending DADT just could be a disaster to our national health and defense. 

None of that matters to the Gang of 65 or to President Obama or to homosexual activists.  They all accomplished their mission. Dadt One semester after she