Few people would dispute that acts of bullying in our schools and the misuse of guns in general are serious problems in America today. 

Even fewer people are willing to confront the evident truths that the chief reasons for the blossoming of national and local campaigns against bullying as national causes and the reasons demands for gun control have become so strident have little to nothing to do with the vast majority of Americans. 

Rather, they are closely related to specific, limited groups within our society: The anti-bullying mania isn’t focused on preventing general harrassment in schools nearly as much as it is concerned with gay students being teased and sometimes–rarely–injured and gun controls are now widely advocated not as much to insure a safer society but to minimize rampant black violence and murders.

Kids bullying kids inside or outside their schools have been a traditional if unfortunate fact of scholastic life from time immemorial.  No doubt some of Socrates’ students ridiculed their chubbier fellow Greek kids and no doubt some smartass Roman kids made snarky comments about their less-intellectually-endowed fellow students. 

Likewise and sadly, deadly weapons have often been used in America against mostly innocent victims for centuries. 

Even more regrettable and sad are exceptional instances of homosexual kids like the very talented Tyler Clementi killing himself by leaping off the George Washington Bridge in 2010 and other young people taking their own lives but, for perspective, over 34,000 people kill themselves every year in our country.

Something in the minds of gay youths–as well in the minds of murderous, black youths–is obviously disordered, disorders that cannot be rectified by any useless, feel-good legislation that caters to liberal-leftist politicians’ quests for votes.

To my knowledge, over mankind’s long history no elected government representatives or un-elected bureaucrats have ever instituted laws and issued mandates designed to shield protected individuals from being bullied at the expense of the rights of the un-bullied.  Nor have elected or unelected officials ever attempted to curtail the constitutionally-guaranteed rights of a majority to protect and defend itself from injury and death because a minority gets its jollies by murdering and maiming their own. 

Until now. 

as the result of bullying.  BULLYING.

Homosexual activist Dan Savage currently directs a White House/Barack Hussein Obama-backed anti-bullying campaign called “It Gets Better” aimed at re-assuring gay youths that their immaturely-chosen aberrant lifestyle is perfectly acceptable and that any physical, emotional, or moral discomfort they experience as a result of that choice “gets better” over time. 

The aptly-named Savage, who has made a career of bullying conservatives who disagree with his perverted lifestyle and has frequently bullied Christian high school kids who believe it and he are repugnant, recently posted an especially vile attack on noted conservative Sarah Palin.  As Savage incoherently tweeted, “Woke up to Sarah Palin’s voice.  She’s taken up chewing tobacco now cuz LIBRULS or Bloomberg or something.  Now seeing upside of oral cancers.” 

Those of us familiar with Savage’s savagery are accustomed to his venomous spew so that’s not the issue here.  What is a very significant issue is that he, like other vitriolic Obamians such as the president’s former Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools Kevin Jennings escape censure by Obama’s mainstream media because his MSM fully concur with everything they say. 

safe-schools-czar-kevin-jennings.jpg  For example, while teaching at Concord Academy in Massachusetts, Jennings once advised a 16 year old boy who had told him of a  homosexual  encounter with an adult predator to “use a condom” and broke the law by not disclosing what amounted to statuatory rape.  Jennings’ “punishment”?  Nil.  His reward?  Appointment to various governmental posts and eventually to the position of Obama’s man overseeing his vision of “safe” schools before he was ousted when his sleaze became public. 

(See “Kevin Jennings and ‘Safe Schools’ ” (http://bit.ly/pcAMPH)  for documented specifics on his sleazy background, including equating the treatment of gays in America with slavery.  For a more exhaustive analysis of Jennings, including his advocacy in favor of instructing gradeschoolers on “fisting” and his endorsement of a hard-core pornographic homosexual “how-to” booklet given to kids, see http://tinyurl.com/bwhpdch.)  

The campaign against bullying being conducted in America’s public school systems was launched, directed, and implemented by agents of the very well organized Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgendered (LGBT) Lobby with gleeful support from such organizations as the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA),  in order to promote interest in the LGBT and NAMBLA and to seek recruits into their mental disorder. 

Using intimidation and the threat of violent reprisals against the American Psychiatric Association and its sister American Psychological Association, the nascent LGBT succeeded in the early seventies in convincing highly-educated shrinks that they were wrong for all those years and that homosexuals were right and normal all along. 

That achievement is the rough equivalent of persuading President Obama that Islamist radicals hate us and want to destroy us. 

Should gays be allowed to get  Nevertheless, it worked, just as determined gay efforts to convince Americans that bullying is an epidemic is working.  Whether or not homosexuality is a genetic or learned behavior–and recent research has shown it is definitely not genetic–the gay lobby seems to be winning that argument, thanks to the media and the resultant, massive public ignorance.   

NEXT: How the MSM, the Black Lobby, and the Democrat Party have used irrational fear and panic over guns to make people believe that gun restrictions will eradicate criminality, a false supposition tantamount to believing that inanimate, deadly weapons kill people and not the miscreants who use them.