Planned Parenthood performed a  When two of the most liberal-leftist excuses for newspapers–both of which are desperate for advertising income, for any income to keep them afloat, reject ads, it’s news.  When the New York Times and the Washington Post turn down ad money from their wealthy partners in abortion crime, Planned Parenthood of America, that news becomes the equivalent of a man-bites-dog story.

Also, when those proposed and rejected advertisements by PPoA feature alleged “cartoons” for kids, illustrations including a young boy masturbating in his bed, a young girl inspecting her vagina with a mirror, a penis-shaped character instructing a vampish, young blonde on her “G-spot,” and a teenie-type girl dressed in a “clittle league” t-shirt exhibiting a drawing of a young girl’s nether parts, reasonable people must wonder whether the abortionists at Planned Parenthood have lost their collective minds. 

See the PPoA’s latest excursions into depravity and its unashamed, taxpayer-subsidized effort to drum up more abortion business here: 

Those “cartoons” were hardly the first or only instance of PPoA’s excursions into obscenity and pornography, efforts allegedly designed to inform young people on sexual safety which more accurately serve as sex manuals.  Planned Parenthood also came under fire for its “Take Care Down There” music video singalong which includes references to a girl’s “bushy catcher’s mitt,” “panty hamster,” and “furry pink canoe” and to a boy’s “love log,” ”ankle spanker,” and “finger fiddler.”  (  

The most pro-abortion president in American history–by far–Barack Hussein Obama recently spoke at a Planned Parenthood gathering.  After extolling the work of that perverse organization which is dedicated as much to destroying human life as Dr. Kermit Gosnell, concluded his remarks by saying, ”Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you. God Bless America.”  He followed that outrage by endorsing the sick proposal to permit girls as young as 15 to go to their local CVS and purchase the so-called Plan B without any parental consent. 

Advertised as a method to prevent the conception of a child, the chemicals in Plan B are actually formulated not to prevent pregnancy but terminate the life of an already-conceived baby. 

Bible says about Abortion!  As often noted here, Planned Parenthood has been repeatedly exposed as an unethical outfit which has frequently engaged in illegally terminating the pregnancies of fully viable pre-borns, of aborting underaged teens, and even giving advice to pimps on how to conceal the activities of their young harems. 

Yet our president wishes them God’s blessings? 

I wonder if Barack and Michelle would pay for Malia’s and Sasha’s Plan B’s? I wonder if they would encourage their daughters to sing along with “Take Care Down There”? I wonder if the elder Obamas would suggest Malia and Sasha check out PPoA’s cartoons depicting boys masturbating in their beds, girls inspecting their vaginas, penis-shaped characters instructing kids on their ”G-spots,” and a teenie-girl dressed in “clittle league” t-shirts showing their bottoms? 

Considering how greatly the Obamas admire the purveyors of that trash, I imagine they would tell their girls to go for it!