Courtesy Fr. Gary Meier   Father Gary Meier, the former anonymous author of Hidden Voices Confessions of a Gay Priest, chose to initially exit his closet on Facebook to own up to authorship of the book and to his homosexuality after 15 years in the Roman Catholic priesthood.

He discussed his decision to come out by whining on HuffPost Live that, “I have tried desperately to reconcile myself as a homosexual male who believes it’s a gift from God, who believes it’s not an intrinsic disorder. I don’t believe gay marriage is a threat to world peace. I don’t think it’s a disease like alcoholism. For the past several years, as we’ve been hearing more and more what I call anti-gay hostility from the pulpit, it’s just been harder and harder to remain silent on that issue.”

First of all, where Meier gets the peculiar notion that  homosexuality is “a gift from God” is bewildering; it’s certainly not from the Bible.  And why he thinks it’s “not an intrinsic disorder” or a “disease” is obviously related to the American Psychiatric Association’s gutless retreat from long-held principle under gay pressure when the APA changed its century-old DSM diagnosis of homosexuality from a sickness and disorder to merely a variation on the norm. 

Agreed, homosexuality isn’t “a threat to world peace”–except in France and other nations where gay marriage has been legalized–but it is clearly a danger to gays themselves, to the institution of marriage, and to traditional beliefs in morality and normality. 

More importantly, what has Father Meier been up to these last 15 years?  When and how did he discover he was gay?  Has he been engaging in illicit homosexual activities all along or is he planning to start anytime soon?  Will he be honorable enough to leave the priesthood now that he has dishonored himself and the Catholic Church?  Since he is studying to become a counselor, whom and what will he be counseling?  I’m guessing it won’t be normality and morality.

HuffPost Live deigned not to query Meier on any of those issues choosing instead to praise his courage.  HuffPo seems to believe that any priest who turns his back on God is courageous and AOK as long as he is homosexual.  In reality, Meier is a very sick man.