Five Feet Twenty – Leadership, Growth and Vision from a Really  Amid all the stink of corruption emanating out of Washington these days and the neverending news of perverted teachers in America’s failisng public school systems, it’s refreshing to hear that at least some schools are still able to get kids together to sing Julia Ward Howe’s beautiful Civil War marching song, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” at least until Attorney General Eric Holder hears about the presentation and shuts it down and decides to arrest the responsible teachers, administrators, and probably the students for espionage or some other trumped-up charges.

The iconic, actually religious, song is stiringly rendered by groups of unidentified grade school and high school students in an unidentified school accompanied by an unidentified school band; all that anonymity may not have had the intent of protecting the innocent from Holder’s clutches but it serves the same purpose.  With that, pump up the volume, sit back and enjoy a refresher from the D.C. stink and the plethora of bad, education news:

(Editor’s note: If your soul isn’t moved by the rendition, you either don’t have a soul or you’re a liberal-leftist.  Or both.)  TYRANNY ALERT: Senate Revived Bill Which Died On Floor In 2011