Bill Ayers Is Offering a Grim Indictment of President Obama's  bill-ayers-2 — The MFA in Creative Writing Program at  William Charles “Bill” Ayers, former member of the radical Students for a Democratic Society, founder of the ultra-violent Weather Underground, the domestic terrorist who admitted bombing the New York City Police Department headquarters, the United States Capitol building, and the Pentagon and amazingly beat those raps and proudly said years afterwards, ”I don’t regret setting bombs” now considers his old buddy, Barack Obama, an “active terrorist.”

Ayers married fellow terrorist Bernadette Dohrn and later befriended young Barack in Chicago–and, most people believe, wrote Obama’s best-selling books and dedicated one of his own books to Bobby Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan–and went on to receive total forgiveness from the University of Illinois at Chicago, coincidentally the same school where Obama taught law.

Ayers may still be miffed that he hasn’t yet received a personal, engraved invite to the White House like so many other extreme leftists have but, then again, neither has the president’s former pastor and confidante of 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright.  Maybe they were invited to very transparent Obama’s Oval Office and the public just wasn’t informed?

Whatever the circumstances, retired Prof. Ayers, now 69 years of age and balding but sporting earrings in both pierced ears as if he were still the real cool 70′s insurrectionist he once was gave a remarkable, if abbreviated and ambivalent, interview with

Some tidbits: Interviewer: “Based upon his policies, how would you evaluate President Obama?” Ayers: “I’d give him a failing grade. . . what I like about him, he’s just . . . he’s not just charming, he reads.  I like him personally.  I mean, he’s a really good guy.”  Interviewer: “Do you think he should be put on trial for war crimes?”  Ayers: “Absolutely, every president in this century should be . . . I think they’re active terrorists.”

If I interpret Ayers correctly, and I freely concede I have serious difficulties separating fact from fiction, truth and reality, when it comes to making sense of what terrorists, either domestic or foreign, say or do, but it seems Bill Ayers really likes his old friend Barry since he’s “charming” and because “he reads” and “he’s a really good guy.”

Nevertheless, this aging, unreconstructed terrorist wants to see his former bud brought before the International Court of Justice at the Hague for terroristic crimes such as using drones to kill terrorists?

NOW THE END BEGINS: Domestic Terrorist & Obama Buddy Bill Ayers  Since there is no statute of limitations on terror crimes, will Bill Ayers in his approaching dotage also reveal the reasons why he escaped prosecution for the bombings he was so proud of back in the seventies and Dohrn was let off with a piddling fine and probation?  Will he explain why he and Dohrn went on the run for years to escape capture? Will he detail the allegedly “illegal tactics” that were employed by the FBI that forced the government to drop all charges against him?

I somehow doubt it.  There is a limit to how far the consciences of unreconstructed terrorists will stretch.

Far be it from me to defend Barack Hussein Obama but, incredible as it seems, there are far more evil people than Obama–okay, equally evil–people in our country and in the world today, and Bill Ayers is one of them.