As if any further proofs were needed that liberals, despite their self-promoted reputation as super-sensitive defenders of the most downtrodden, most needy, most defenseless members of our society, they keep exposing themselves as some of the most insensitive, callous, and downright stupid people on the planet.

Marsha Blackburn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  For example, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R., TN) made the mistake of appearing on MSNBC and attempted to explain to dense anchorman Craig Melvin that the proposed Republican bill on abortion dealt only with pregnancies at the 20th week or later and compared pre-born babies at that stage to tiny preemies who react to pricks and prods and pain.

Melvin reacted as well, quickly and rudely interrupting the conservative Blackburn by saying, “I don’t want to get bogged down with this issue” of the extreme pain pre-borns experience while being aborted.  Melvin even conceded that, “I think a great deal of people would agree that science and that public opinion is on your side,” yet insisted on moving on to another topic.

To Rep. Blackburn’s great credit, after thinking it would serve any rational purpose to believe she could bring some truth and light to MSNBC, when Melvin later interrupted Blackburn again to ask whether the bill then before the House constituted pandering, the congresswoman shot back by asking, “Is saving the life of women and babies pandering?  I can’t believe you would say that!”

I can readily believe Craig Melvin would say that–considering who writes his paycheck–just as I can believe the American Civil Liberties Union, which is dedicated to all those dedicated to destroying American values, determined the Republican bill horrifying.

American Method — Conservative Bumper Stickers — ACLU DEFENDING EVIL  As the ACLU declared after the bill passed the House, “Today’s vote is part of a wave of ever-more extreme legislation in the states and in Congress that interferes with a woman’s ability to make personal and private medical decisions. This ban shamefully plays politics with women’s health and has no place in our laws.”

To the disturbed people at the ACLU, saving babies’ lives and subjecting them to the excruciating pain of being dismembered, burned with chemicals, or suffocated in the womb isn’t at all extreme or shameful and has a definite “place in our laws.”

(The appropriately-titled Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act was passed Tuesday by a largely party-line 228-196 vote.  Only six Democrats voted in favor of the legislation, while 6 Republicans opposed it.  If and when it reaches the Democrat-controlled Senate, it will either be ignored or defeated.)

Given recent developments in neo-natal science, what is no longer debatable is that aborting a baby more than 20 weeks old is not just inhumane.  It is inhuman.  When a living organism is proven to experience pain, should not some effort be made to protect that organism?  When there is doubt as to when human life exists, is choosing death and inflicting great pain on that being a reasonable option?  Not to super-sensitive liberals!  They agree en masse: Kill it!