(The following are fabricated excerpts from a fabricated chat between a relative and an elderly grandmother which may soon closely resemble a conversation in many homes:)

“Hey, Grandma!  How would you like to visit Doctor Jones?  Just for a sitdown, unnerstand?” 

“I understand but I feel fine.” 

“Well, ya know, you’ve been sick in the past.  Remember that gall bladder thing?  And the breast cancer?  And ya do have that pacemaker.  And ya have been complaining about heartburn.  And the ambulance had to come for you!  Ya just never know about that stuff.  Not to mention, Gram, well you’re 84!” 

“I’m 83!  And my gall bladder was removed, so, too, was the cancer, and I take Tums for my indigestion.  I feel fine!  You needed an ambulance when you got so drunk you fell down the cellar stairs!  What’s all this about doctor sitdowns, anyway?” 

“Grams, you’re 84, okay, 83 almost 84, don’t ya think it’s, well, time?” 

“Time for what?” 

“Umm, well, time to shuffle off to Buffalo, as they say, to umm, time you stopped sucking the med system dry?  I mean, the gubmint says you’re hurting all the rest of us!  Why not just die and get it over with?” 

“Know what, Sonnyboy, I’m gonna outlive all of you so stick it in your ear!  You out to kill me, or what?” 

“Well, that’s sorta the plan, Gram.”             

Call a sow’s ear a silk purse in-the-making, it’s still a sow’s ear.  Calling detaching the male connector from the wall outlet is still pulling the plug.

Buy Accutane Without   Call a death panel a doctor sitdown or end of life care or an elder consult, it all means the same thing, the same thing for which Sarah Palin was mocked for even suggesting, the same thing the Obamians swore on all that was holy was not and would not ever be a feature of Obamacare, the same thing that was the hidden centerpiece of that monstrous 2000+ page legislation passed last year which no one read. 

Death panels are here, or soon will be, and Grannie–and Gramps and anyone over 40 who is critically ill and anyone under 40 afflicted with a debilitating disease or injury–had better watch out!  You’re just too damned expensive to care for and Obamacare is out to get you! 

Death panels still won’t be called death panels–much too touchy a label–and they won’t be legislatively incorporated into Obamacare because Democrat supporters lack the nerve and because Americans would hang them from the nearest pole.  Rather, they will be implemented via regulatory fiat and, constitutional or no, moral or no, ethical or no, federal death panels are coming to homes, and to sick people, aged people, and disabled people near you. 

And we won’t be able to do a damned thing about it, except die. 

Sarah Palin and others will be vindicated after being castigated for even suggesting such an abominable idea existed deep in the festered bowels of Obamacare but that vindication will be as useless as spit on a forest fire. 

ObamaCare rationing news.   While the Wuss-in-Chief characteristically hides out, this time on one of his family’s many opulent vacations in Hawaii, and gutless Dem supporters hide out somewhere, death panels effectively become the beaureaucratically-ordained law of the land on New Year’s Day: “Under the new policy, outlined in a Medicare regulation, the government will pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care, which may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment:” http://tiny.cc/b1ygo

Arch-liberal muddleheaded New York Times columnist Paul Krugman recently opened his mouth wide and deeply inserted his foot not once but twice when he mentioned death panels while not really meaning death panels since Obamacare doesn’t really provide for death panels, really. 

What he really, really meant to say was that ”health care costs will have to be controlled . . . [by] having Medicare and Medicaid decide what they’re willing to pay for–not really death panels, of course:” http://tiny.cc/h4clc 

Of course. 

If Krugman wasn’t really talking about death panels he was talking about medical rationing, another provision not mentioned in the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, the euphemism for Obamacare, which means government bureaucrats will determine who lives and who dies, just like they do already under merry ole England’s model for Obamacare, the bankrupt National Health Service. 

Who needs Dr. Kavorkian?  Rationing is simply another way of saying death panels without saying death panels.  How better to ration and save money than to have a government doctor convince grannie to pull her own plug? 

“Sorry, Grams, it’s been good to know ya!”