I don’t know the derivation of the idiom, “to turn up like a bad penny,” but if it means that certain nasty things keep recurring for a reason, lots of “bad pennies” keep turning up in America. 

One very nasty penny is the one that was thrown into the political ring almost three years ago by so-called “birthers,” people not much interested in Sir Elton John’s surrogate baby but who are very much interested in just who the hell our president is, where he really came from, and whether he should be deposed and sent back to Kenya to let the Village Nitwit, VP Biden, rule us for the next two years. 

Those weirdo birthers have been treated by the mainstream media as disgruntled losers since even before Barack Hussein Obama became president, ever since they raised the question as to where he was born and why, to this day, he still refuses to authorize release of the only concrete evidence that would certify his eligibility to serve as president of the United States, a valid birth certificate.  

Considering what’s at stake, such a request hasn’t been all that much to ask, except to Obama and his MSM.  Now, that penny, that worm, is turning and whether it ends up to be a bad penny or bad worm is entirely in Obama’s court. President Obama assured Muslim

When an old bud and schoolmate suggests the president clear the fetid air surrounding his presidency by authorizing release of an official, verifiable, long-form Hawaiian certificate of birth, it would seem incumbent on Obama to comply.  When an allegedly objective television political commentator who has admittedly and unashamedly experienced thrills running up his legs in the presence of his idol demands that the idol produce the damned thing, Obama should take heed as if it were a biblical injunction. 

Hawaii’s new “progressive” governor, Neil Abercrombie, was a buddy of the president’s parents, Stanley Ann and Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. back when, long before Barack, Jr. inherited those “dreams” from his father and he contends “that questioning where the president was born is ‘an insult to his mother and to his father’ [and that he, Abercrombie] was here when he was born:” http://tiny.cc/3z1fd 

He doesn’t specify what “here” means–in the delivery room, the vicinity, the state, there in spirit?– yet he has said that “he’s asked the state attorney general and health officials to determine what additional information he can release to prove that Obama was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961.” 

Abercrombie added, “He’s [presumably referring to the president] a big boy.  He can take sticks and stones.  But there’s no reason on earth to have the memory of his parents insulted by people whose motivation is solely political.” 

Lord, almighty!  We wouldn’t want a bigamist, Muslim, Marxist Kenyan father nor a Muslim-loving mother insulted! 

The aforementioned leg-thrilled, political commentator, MSNBC’s own Chris Matthews, is less thrilled or insulted than he is bewildered by Obama Junior’s inaction with regard to the birth certificate controversy. 

The self-professed “enemy of the birthers,” wants to know, “Why has the president himself not demanded that they put out the initial documents?” 

Matthews isn’t thrilled at all by the situation and petulantly asks, “Don’t we want to know if he can find it?  I don’t know why the Governor doesn’t say, ‘snap it up, whoever is there in the Department of Records, send me a copy right now.’  And why doesn’t the president just say, ‘send me a copy right now’?” (http://tiny.cc/4toho) 

Good questions from the anti-birther and they raise yet another pertinent question:  With all that’s on the president’s plate, with all the concerns every president has, wouldn’t it be in Obama’s self-interest and in the interests of the nation to quash these silly questions as to whether he is a natural born citizen once and for all?  Since he’s in Hawaii, anyway, why not just interrupt his latest vacation and pay a visit to the Hawaiian Center for Disputed Presidential Birth Certificates,  pull a Matthews and demand his?   Obama “dithers” in Hawaii, 

Such an action might even give Chris a renewed thrill up his leg.

Unless, of course, the birther doubts have more than a little substance and they’re not silly at all.