Part One of this two-part series dealt primarily with George Zimmerman’s reasonable resort to racially profiling Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2012.  Part Two deals with the racially-charged background in America today that made that reasoning necessary. 

Walter Williams Home Page  Professor Walter E. Williams, the 77 year old libertarian, African-American economist, columnist, and political commentator, and an “Uncle Tom” to black agitators, has  frequently reflected on the media’s admitted censorship of black crime in the interests of preserving social peace. 

Prof. Williams has actually written, “Most racist assaults are committed by blacks,” something only an African-American could say without being accused of rabid racism.  He has also quoted Chicago Tribune Editor Gerould Kern as saying that his paper’s reason for censorship was to “guard against subjecting an entire group of people [blacks] to suspicion,” as if that “suspicion” wasn’t merited.

Nevertheless, the cacophony of lies spouted by agents of disruption and the drumbeat of rampage incited by those provocateurs has raged on and on ever since the Zimmerman not guilty verdict on Saturday, a rage in Hollywood, Oakland, Detroit and elsewhere ignored for the most part by Kern’s mainstream media as usual.

Not content with failing to report truth, the graceless HLN host Nancy Grace lied with impunity last Saturday night about a non-existent Zimmerman reference to “fucking coons” and about Zimmerman’s “hatred” for Martin.  The lib-left rag, The Nation, irrationally ranted that Zimmerman was “a white supremacist.” The black supremacist New Black Panther Party preached  that “White people are not our friends and the system is not our friend. Wake up and join with us. We are your only hope from these demons.”

And, ol’ Rev. Jesse demanded the whole matter be turned over to those good folks at the U.N. to investigate what really happened in Sanford, Florida.

Capsulizing the real and really ugly racial issues in America today, bralinshanjames commented on a Trayvon Martin story on by saying, “A White woman in Atlanta this weekend was raped, robbed, and murdered by a young Black male. Where’s the media? Where’s the outrage? Whites are killed every single day by Blacks…but…no protests, no media, nobody gives a damn. The whole ‘race’ thing makes me sick. If the media can’t find or create a story of Black victimization…they aren’t interested.”

outrage-300x225.jpg  Where, indeed, are the protests or the media or the outrage?

The crux of America’s racial “problem” is not racial profiling, not bigotry, not even the extent of black violence but the disinterest of the MSM and their intentional repression of the details and extent of that violence in the interests of political correctness.  That news censorship has led to a sick sense of entitlement on the part of many in black leadership positions that they and their followers are entitled to a free pass to continue generating the social chaos that seems to be their driving life force.

I have a belated newsflash for the Chicago Tribune’s Gerould Kern and the rest of Obama’s MSM: Your PC censorship of the truth has only exacerbated the race problem in America.  When any group comes to believe their anti-social, illegal activities are condoned in any way, it’s perfectly natural for those groups to continue those activities as evidenced by the ill-reported chaos now ccurring nationwide, all ostensibly because of unhappiness over a trial verdict.

Similarly, it was perfectly natural for George Zimmerman to racially profile Trayvon Martin since Martin was a member of one of those groups exempt from the laws the rest of us must follow.  Mr. Martin’s death was a tragedy but we should understand that he was as much a victim of the fear and distrust created by unchecked black violence and covered up by much of America’s media as he was the victim of a bullet.