Back in the “good old days” when life was relatively normal as compared to today–things were different.

Archie and Edith (no offense to the Bunkers!) | Flickr - Photo  Maybe they weren’t the same days Archie and Edith reminisced about when they sang, “Boy the way Glenn Miller Played/Songs that made the Hit Parade/. . . Didn’t need no Welfare  state/Everybody pulled his weight/. . . Girls were girls  and men were men./Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again,” but they were definitely not what they are like in 2013.

Back then–the post World War II period through the early 1960′s–they weren’t exactly halcyon days: We still had the misbegotten Korean War and the ever-present threat of the USSR which almost daily threatened to nuke us back into the Stone Age, thanks to the rocket and nuclear technology they had stolen from us.  Thankfully, schoolkids at the time were  shielded from Russian ICBM’s: Quietly hiding under our desks and in hallways, we were provided less protection than those well-stocked air-raid shelters in select cities where people would almost surely perish in the event of an all-out Russian attack.

Nevertheless, back in those “good old days” things were mostly better, far from perfect, but mostly better.

Back then, the vast majority of Americans worked for their living or stayed home and took care of their own children; people lived and let other people live pretty much as they wanted to live, as long as they weren’t bothering anyone else; most of us spoke English or if people were new to the country they learned our native language; public schools actually taught, though kids weren’t always happy to be there; universities were reasonably-priced and involved themselves with preparing students for their futures; the media were generally trusted to honestly print and broadcast the day’s news; people had a fundamental respect for those who governed us, even if we didn’t fully trust them; crime existed as always but was usually under control; hatred reared its hateful head yet was never condoned; and immigrants were welcomed to our country because they had immigrated here legally.

And, except for the ever-present liberal-leftist radicals whom America generously tolerated living and conspiring in our presence, most residents seemed to accord a modicum of respect to our country even if they didn’t love it.

Incremental Change In Exponential Times  Then things began to change, radically.  In 2008, Americans were promised “change we can believe in.”  We weren’t promised they would be good changes.

Today we see that ”Over 7.2 million [new] private sector jobs” have been created since the Great Recession, according to Jay Carney.  However, most of those jobs pay the minimum wage, 9.5 million workers have dropped out of the labor force since 2009, nearly 90 million Americans are not working at all, 15 million more Americans (47,548,694) depend on food stamps today than in 2009, and 1.6 million more Americans are collecting disability payments than in 2009, which happens to be the year President Barack Hussein Obama first took office. (  

America is changing fast and furiously:

–People no longer tolerate the opinions of others; if you believe that black crime is running rampant, that illegal aliens are wreaking havoc throughout the country, that homosexuals have taken virtual control of our public school system and are busily indoctrinating kids into their lifestyle, you are deemed a bigot. 

–New immigrants of every nationality, legal or not, are choosing not to learn English; if you believe in the subversive idea that that phenomenon is undermining our national identity and potentially can reduce America to a modern Babel, you are regarded as an ignoramus.

–Our schools are failing by the thousands; if you believe the reasons for those failures include public schools more concerned with inculcating false self esteem than with actual teaching and then graduating semi- or total-illiterates, you are considered a reactionary.

–America’s once-vaunted universities have become virtual progressive cesspools; if you point out that many such institutions are infested with left wing zealots/professors who brainwash rather than teach, you are condemned as a fool.

–The mainstream media has devolved into a proven, partisan tool of Obama and his Democrat Party; if you illustrate that devolution with factual evidence, you are labeled as deluded.  

–Governments at every level are bankrupting their constituents and rife with corruption and malfeasance; if you expose those realities, you are ridiculed as uninformed.  

–Crime and general violence are said to be decreasing; if you mention that black crime and violence are actually mushrooming and that that news is being covered up by the MSM, you are slandered as a fabricator. 

–The alleged “reverends” Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright and their associates in the New Black Panther Party are nothing more than race-baiters and the true racists; if you dare call them what they are, you are called intolerant.

The End of America  Like the poor, corruption and crime and bias and liars have always been and will always be with us and change is the only real constant in life but the changes we are now witnessing in America are beyond ominous.  We should remember that no great nation lasts forever.  Nations which mindlessly abandon their most fundamental principles may be closer to extinction than they would like to think.