Thousands Gather On National Mall To Honor Historic Martin Luther  Now that the speeches, the anger, and the racial invective of last weekend’s MLK50 celebrations in Washington are history, it’s time again to remind the American people of the reality that it is blacks–not whites–who are rampaging, assaulting, and murdering throughout the country and that all that senseless violence is being aided and abetted by President Barack Hussein Obama’s mainstream media which refuse to fulfill their journalistic responsibilities by accurately reporting on what’s actually going on.

As Amy Sterling Casil bravely observed on, in the wake of the national upheaval over the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and the lack of any real media interest in the murders of 22 year old college student Christopher Lane and 88 year old Delbert Shorty Belton, “The only difference between the Belton and Lane cases compared to the Martin case is that they feature white victims and black assaulters.”

Casil also noted that, ”Much of the current outrage in the Belton case is clearly a reaction to the non-stop media coverage of the Martin shooting, which accelerated to 24-7 during the lengthy trial of George Zimmerman. People are rightfully asking why the Zimmerman trial was more important than many world news events, and questioning the assertion by many that Martin’s shooting death was a premeditated hate crime.” (

In truth, that “current outrage” has been largely muted by the disinterest in Belton–and in Lane–by Obama’s MSM, which generally dictate what is and what’s not outrageous, and racist crimes committed by blacks that should be labeled outrages, but aren’t, continue unabated.

A few of those violent black-on-white incidents that have occurred over the past month and not only not deemed outrageous but not even reported by the mainstreamers:

–In Chicago, a white police officer was hospitalized after his skull was fractured during an eruption of black mob violence. He had gone to the assistance of a woman under attack instead of calling for back-up and the rioters turned on him, striking him on the head with a baseball bat.

–In St. Paul, MN, aspiring white filmmaker Ray Widstrand felt no fear after moving into a black neighborhood or when he encountered a mob of 50 blacks engaged in a donnybrook.  However, they diverted their attention from the fight to him and stripped and beat him, leaving him in a coma with permanent brain damage.

Viral Voice  –In Pittsburgh, mother of two, Ginger Slepski, was savagely assaulted by a group of four black teenage girls screaming, “Shut up white [expletive],” “Get that white [expletive],” and “Kick her in the head. Kick her head in the concrete.”  She thought her “animalistic” assailants were going to kill her but was finally rescued and “only” suffered multiple injuries including torn shoulder ligaments which have kept her out of work.

Progressive Professor's Controversial Rant: Al Sharpton Is  Nevertheless, professional race baiter, Reverend Al Sharpton, is able to say that many African-Americans are victims of “battered race syndrome” as  violent black crime against whites skyrockets in America.  

African-American congressman John Lewis has predicted that, ”In a short time, the minority will be the majority” in our country. 

I predict that, if and when that scenario ever comes to pass, members of the mainstream media will applaud but, since the majority of the MSM are not black, they will be extremely cautious when they visit crime scenes in black neighborhoods even when they report that somehow, in some way, white people are responsible for all and every black crime.