Okay, I admit that I don’t see nearly as well as I’d like to, especially at night in the car when those damned approaching headlights look more like halos than halogens. 

Still, visual perceptions aside, my declining vision tells me that either youngun reporters and reporterettes out there are either more blind than I or they refuse to report on what they see, or that they censor or are forced by politically correct editors to censor, what they witness. 

That PC myopia also extends to police departments, some of which seem to suffer from an inability to stick with just the facts, ma’am and trust the perceptions of their own officers. 

A case in point involved a racial explosion last August in and around the Iowa State Fair grounds in Des Moines where chants of “Beat whitey night!” filled the air and bands of marauding teens and young adults of both sexes wreaked havoc, were involved in stabbings, injured two cops, and three were arrested.   

Initial DMPD reports referred to “racial overtones.”  The Des Moines Register headlined its 8-26-2010 story, “Police Say It’s ‘Very Possible’ Attacks Near Fairgrounds Had Racial Overtones.”  That description soon became “unconfirmed” and it was subsequently reported by another source that, “Des Moines police said Wednesday that they do not believe fights near the state fairgrounds were racially motivated or connected,” http://tiny.cc/4vnkf 

Stabbings + marauding teens and young adults + on-duty officers + “Beat whitey night.”  It seems pretty cut and dried, no?  Blacks would seem to have engaged in violent hate crime attacks against whites, no? 

Apparently, no.  for reverse racism—or,

Des Moines Police Sgt. David Murillo was declared wrong in his perceptions, the DMPD spokeswoman, Sgt. Lori Lavorato, was transferred to a traffic unit for using the provocative phrases, “very possible” and “racial overtones” in the same sentence, and Police Chief Judy Bradshaw said there was “no credible evidence” to support either Murillo or Lavorato.  

So much for police credibility. 

Also defying credibility but reinforcing the disparity between perceptions and realities is the Sunday story concerning the violent eruption in suburban Milwaukee’s Mayfair Mall when gangs of 50-60 “unruly young people” went berserk in a rampage that forced Mayfair to close down early.

The words “berserk” and “rampage” are as inflammatory as allegations of “racial overtones” and usually apply to, well, berserk rampages so the reader is invited to view the video of the “incident” here and use his own words: http://tiny.cc/cry9j

Authorities in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin are very interested in rumors that the melee, the fracas, the disturbance, the youth riot was pre-planned on Facebook.  No one seems very curious as to the racial composition of the mob or, if they are curious, aren’t speculating since the video tells the tale.  They wouldn’t want to be accused of suggesting racial overtones by citing the obvious.  

Unless there is a major distortion in the video–poor lighting, shading, etc.–which is always possible, those “unruly young people” were quite black unruly young people who rampaged like drunken buffalo through the mall.  Their reason is still undetermined but do rioters need a reason? 

What’s of most import is not any pre-planning for the Mayfair rampage.  Of much more significance is why the media pretends there was no racial component and ignores the probability that black racism, as at the Iowa State Fair, may have been the basis for a racial hate crime.  Since the location of the Mayfair Mall, Wauwatosa, is 93.97% white and only 2.04% black, according to Wikipedia, why was Mayfair targeted?  

As has been pointed out by many others, our president’s declarations that, because of him, race in America is no longer an issue, that racial neutrality now prevails throughout the land, is a load of manure.  Obama hasn’t removed the race issue from America’s table.  More precisely, he has consciously exacerbated it. 

The only difference in America between Jim Crow times and now is that blacks in the Obama Era commit the hate crimes today and are never held accountable.  Witness Des Moines and Wauwatosa.  the Obama administration.