Last Thursday in Maaloula, a peaceful village of mainly Melkite Greek Catholic and Orthodox Christians located just north of Damascus, Syria, and one of the very few enclaves on Earth where the inhabitants still speak the Aramaic language of Jesus Christ, “They entered the main square and smashed a statue of the Virgin Mary.  They shelled us from the nearby mountain. Two shells hit the St. Thecia [a devoted follower of St. Paul] convent,” where the saint is said to be buried.

The “they” in that senseless and heinous attack referred not to the forces of the demonized Syrian president Bashar al-Assad but rather to the army of so-called Syrian “rebels” dedicated to toppling al-Assad’s corrupt and murderous regime and, just as they are attempting to accomplish in Egypt, Libya and in the rest of the Islamic world, want to  replace a secular regime with far more treacherous rule by elements of the extremist America-hating Muslim Brotherood and the savages in al-qaeda who murdered 2,966 innocents on September 11, 2001.

Defying all reason and common sense, America’s professed anti-war President Barack Hussein Obama is committed to launching an unprovoked war against Syria, a nation that has never attacked or even threatened to attack our homeland.

Social-Studies-Online - World War One (  According to our leader, America is morally required to punish rogue nations and despicable despots who flagrantly violate the world’s prohibitions against the use of chemical  weapons of mass destruction, a prohibition provoked by the Germans–and the French–employing noxious gases in World War One to kill their respective enemies almost a century ago.

However, our commander in chief is evidently oblivious of the reality that a hundred years ago, the use of lethal gases had  little effect on the outcome of WWI and that now, under his inept administration, his opinions carry about as much weight as Howard Dean’s.  More importantly, at that time, chemical weapons were the most effective weapons available to kill large numbers of enemy combatants whereas today a number of countries–with Iran and North Korea in process–are capable of annihilating more people, combatants and civilians alike, in a few nuclear attacks than all the 16 million killed in the “War to End All Wars.”

As with Egypt and Libya, Obama is on the verge of involving America in another nation’s civil war on the false premise that Syria’s President al-Assad crossed someone’s–certainly not his–”red line” by employing chemical weapons against Syrian rebels, an unproven allegation.  Considering the proven barbarous nature of those insurgents, it’s far more likely that they were the true perpetrators. 

Nuclear Blast | Ready.  In any event, despite the repugnancy of gas warfare, today it is not equivalent to a weapon of mass destruction, nowhere near the equivalent of a nuclear attack, and definitely not a valid reason to launch even limited aggression against Syria, particularly with America serving as mercenaries for Arab potentates and our military acting as al-qaeda’s air force.