The Middle-East Conflict: A Complete Guide to Pedophilia in Islam  As if our nation and most of the Western World needed any further evidence that we as a civilization are besotted with aberant sex and ripe for picking and conquering by far more moral Islamists, incoming female and male freshman at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia set us straight when they erupted last week in a videotaped chant praising the glories of engaging in sexual activities with children.

Chanting, “SMU boys, we like them young,” and “Y is for your sister, U is for underage, and N is for no consent,” the fledgling pedophiles at St. Mary’s were disciplined by university authorities who sentenced them to “sensitivity training” for their “sexist and offensive” chant, a charge that may have been deemed “sexist and offensive” but was considered insufficiently sexist and offensive to warrant a severe condemnation and expulsion from St. Mary’s.

The university’s Senior Director of Student Services Keith Hotchkiss indignantly declared, “This is a disappointing, discouraging and, quite frankly, an offensive video and we’re, I guess, taken aback.”

Apparently, Hotchkiss wasn’t certain the administrators at St. Mary’s were all “taken aback” by a demonstration which reflected an obvious proclivity by at least some of St. Mary’s new students toward sexually violating children.

Nor were they concerned that those students had in all probability previously molested kids and would do so in the future.  SMU was content with a meaningless apology tendered by an organizer of the freshman week activities, Jared Perry, who vowed, “Now we’re looking forward into the future and the chant will never take place again.  We’ll be educating our leaders.”

Oddly, young Mr. Perry failed to apologize for or explain the meaning and purpose of chanting, “SMU boys, we like them young, Y is for your sister, U is for underage, and N is for no consent.” (

Image: Montana Teacher Gets 30 Days For Rape part of Outrage  Meanwhile, out in Montana, Big Sky Country, home to a tiny portion of the magnificent Yellowstone National Park, home to child predator, now-54 year old former teacher Stacey Dean Rambold, Yellowstone County Judge G. Todd Baugh, and former home to Rambold’s 14 year old student Cherice Morales who no longer lives in Montana since she committed suicide two years after being repeatedly raped by Rambold, it seems pedophilia is now regarded as a virtual misdemeanor comparable to shoplifting.

In his infinite judicial wisdom, Judge Baugh sentenced Rambold to 15 years in prison, a sentence hardly commensurate with the degradation her teacher visited upon his victim or the more damning fact Cherice ended her brief existence because of that degradation.

Cherice Morales is Dead; Former Teacher & Rapist To Spend Only 30  Compounding that miscarriage of justice, Baugh then suspended all but 31 days of Rambold’s jail time, credited him with one day served, resulting in reducing the convicted pedophile’s total jail time to 30 days on the basis that “imposing a sentence which suspends more than the mandatory minimum would be an illegal sentence.”

To reinforce his credentials as a no-nonsense enforcer of Montana’s child predator laws, and incidentally a candidate for re-election, Baugh later ordered that Rembold attend a sex offender treatment program from which he was soon expelled for non-attendance, for having unsupervised visits with minors and for failure to inform counselors he had been having sexual relations. (

As with the chanting freshmen at Halifax’ St. Mary’s University, the state of Montana must now be included among the ranks of those who agree with the sick and perverted principles of NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, the only distinction being that St. Mary’s in-coming students endorse sexually molesting kids of any gender and that Montana allows teachers to rape young girls with relative impunity.