Is Chris Matthews Responsible For Knockout Game? | I'm a Man! I'm 41!  (The following dialogue is excerpted or adapted from TRU-tv’s “Bait Car.”  The context is different in that it involves the very popular “knockout” game and not stealing cars but the language and participants are identical.  It also represents the latest development in America’s ongoing race war that few recognize or refuse to concede even exists.)

Hey, Dawg!  Wanna do sumpin?  Ah’m bored.

Ah dunno.  Whatcha wanna do?

Ah dunno.  How’s ’bout clockin’ sum cracker?

Ya mean like dat knockout game?  Leroy done ben doin’ dat fo’ years!

Yeah, but now all da boyz is doin’ it and dey all gets away wid it!  And dose motherf**kin’ honkies is coverin’ fo’ us!

Cool, ni**ah, let’s jest get it on den!  Ah needs some scrilla! 

No, no, fool!  We don’ rob ‘em!  We jes knock dose crackers upside dere heads! 

Jes fo’ fun?  

Jes fo’ fun and cuz we bored! 

That fictional exchange between black youths–as well as among some not so youthful blacks–has been going on in America for years, as “Leroy” pointed out, but has only recently mushroomed into an epidemic of black violence against whites and anyone else who isn’t black.  Now “the knockout game” is being played out nationwide in such cities as New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis, Lansing, San Francisco, and even in the nation’s capital, home to the man ultimately responsible for the hate crime mayhem, President Barack Hussein Obama. 

Greg Gutfeld Knockout Game  Some of Obama’s mainstream media are grudgingly and hesitantly getting around to reporting incidents of that spreading mayhem yet still refuse to label the attacks for what they are, concerted if yet uncoordinated instances of black hate crimes.   

Fearing the truth, other extreme liberal leftists such as those on are reporting the existence of the knockout game but denying it’s a growing trend, that it is at epidemic levels, or that it’s racially motivated: “Most sources claim that it is spreading, and a number of sources claim that it is racially motivated. But how do they know? Where are they getting their data from?” 

It seems lib-leftists require written permission from Obama or maybe being sucker-punched themselves before they admit the obvious, a realization Philly’s black Mayor Michael Nutter sort of grasps.  Nutter convened a press conference on Monday to try to prevent the “game” from spreading to Philadelphia, blithely ignoring the fact it had already arrived in Northeast Philly and in Lower Merion and not mentioning the salient and damning reality that it is being “played” exclusively by blacks. 

On Thursday, O’Reilly Factor guest, African-American lesbian civil rights activist, Jasmyne Cannick, refused to “generalize” and agree with the irrefutable evidence that young black males are mainly responsible.  Conservative author and talk show host Laura Ingraham responded by saying Cannick would likely be “generalizing” if white kids were pummeling innocent blacks, which Fox News’ Brian Russell explained “does not fit the mainstream media’s preferred narrative” that white people must always be the bad guys. (

The “knockout game” may not have received any national attention at all if not for Brooklyn’s Democrat Assemblyman Dov Hikind. 

Hivkind said attacks in Borough Park, where one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside Israel reside, were not muggings and not about money but rather examples of a gang of teens playing a game of “Knock out the Jew.” 

Assemblyman Hikind is totally accurate in describing the senseless assaults on his constituents not as random muggings or simple thievery.  He is absolutely wrong in attributing the attacks as motivated by Jew-hating blacks.  They were in fact Borough Park targets of convenience.  As Hikind must know, by far the vast majority of black knockout victims throughout the United States have not been Jews and suggesting otherwise only mitigates the extent of what it actually is, the newest element in the black race war against non-blacks currently in progress in America.  

Former NYPD Detective Harry Houck apparently has more intestinal fortitude than Mayor Nutter.   

Houck had the courage to admit on CNN the politically-incorrect truth–and issue the warning–that white people must be alert if they see approaching black youths and that the whites may need to cross the road to avoid becoming another victim of the “knockout game”.  The other CNN guests were clearly taken aback–more like pissed–that a cop with experience on the New York City’s mean and dangerous streets would speak such truth on national cable television, although none said they wouldn’t try to avoid a group of blacks heading towards them. 

(See Houck being politely pilloried here 

As detailed in Part One of this series which focused on the racist New Black Panther Party, “The signs, the threats, the warnings and the reality that a murderous race war in America is lurking in our very future have been on full display for at least five years.  Yet, most Americans are oblivious and in a state of denial.” One may disagree that the Panthers and “knockout games” are proofs that race war is already a war in progress or at least in the late planning stages. 

Ayo Kimathi and Acceptable  Those doubters may be convinced by Ayo Kimathi, a rabidly racist white-hater still employed by the Department of Homeland Security despite maintaining a website calling for a race war dedicated to “properly educating Black people to prepare for Racial Warfare” and arguing that in “order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites.” (See Part Three to follow.)