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(The following is a re-re-print, with some 2013 updates, of an article first posted here a few years ago which I’m trotting out once again since I’m a lazy sonofagun, because certain truths never change, and because re-publishing it affords me the time to research and post other articles which highlight the sad reality that Americans should cherish Thanksgivings of yore since we may never see their like again.)

We should thank God for our brave men and women who daily risk their lives and limbs in our military so that we may enjoy the blessings of this day.

We should be thankful President Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t yet fully implemented his plans to turn our country into a socialistic “paradise” and, yes, hope that he fails.

We should be especially thankful for those gifts that are immutable and not subject to the vagaries of personal and national worries.  Most of us have a great deal to give thanks for and those living in America who don’t feel thankful right now should reflect on what their national birthright has afforded them:

.We should give thanks that we are alive and, hopefully, healthy.  If not healthy, we should give thanks that we live in the greatest nation on the planet in which to be sick.  Our medical system is in the throes of upheaval with Obamacare and was far from perfect even before but there is finally some hope the Obamacare abomination will eventually (2014?) be changed or repealed.

.We should give thanks even if we disagree with the designation of the United States as the greatest nation on the planet since, unlike many other countries, our borders are wide open and you should feel free to hop the next flight to Ethiopia or Bangladesh and revel in their attractions.

.We should give thanks that we have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food on our tables. If you are jobless at the moment and cannot provide the best of those amenities this year, give thanks that you can afford some and resolve to work harder so that you will afford more next year.

.We should give thanks that we have a political system which allows us to stage national elections without revolutionary uprisings which in other nations often result in death and destruction.

.We should give thanks to God Who made all that possible by guiding our Founders to create a free, independent, democratic republic which has served us in good stead for over 200 years.

Millions on God’s Green Earth can’t give thanks for any of the above. 

We all may not be able to have a roof that doesn’t leak or be able to afford the latest fashions or be able to set a Thanksgiving table comparable to that in the White House but we Americans share a rare uniqueness on Thanksgiving Day.

As hokie as it is, we enjoy the freedoms to share our blessings with those who are not as fortunate, an inalienable right to revel and celebrate, a God-given privilege to stuff ourselves if we wish.

In recognition of Him who made it all possible for Americans to enjoy this beneficence, a prayer of thanks to God might be a nice gesture before we attack that tryptophan-laden turkey, that cholesterol-stuffed stuffing, those creamy fattening veggies, and those delectable desserts and sweet cordials that will spike our triglicerides.

Thanksgiving Day should also be a day to reflect on what could be and on what may lie ahead for family and country and think of the horrific disasters America has survived:

Who knew on October 29th, 1929 what lay ahead? 

Who knew on December 6th, 1941 what lay ahead? Pearl Harbor is a harbor on 

Who knew on September 11th, 2001 what our future held? The Next 9/11? 

Who knew that Muslim terrorists would bomb the Boston Marathon and kill and maim hundreds?  Police narrow in on two suspects in Boston Marathon bombings - NY

Who knew that America’s own National Security Agency has been spying on millions of Americans? NSA Workers Spying on Spouses, Boyfriends and Girlfriends   

Who knew the IRS would turn into a vindictive instrument of Obama’s domestic terrorism?   Yes, IRS harassment blunted the Tea Party ground game - Economics

I hate to rain on anyone’s Thanksgiving Day Parade but who will really know on Thursday, November 28th what’s in store for any of us on November 29th and beyond?

At least we assuredly do know that Christmas Day will be here in less than a month!

Maybe it’s best not to even think about anything else and just enjoy Thanksgiving and thank God for what we have. 

Happy Thanksgiving!