The U.S. Constitution  Defined by the Constitution as applying to “The President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States” for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors,” impeachment is essentially an accusation of corruption, criminality or substantial abuse of power. 

On the federal level, impeachment is a rarity employed only 50 times in American history with a mere third ending in a trial.  Federal officeholders ranging from cabinet members to the president and the chief justice can be impeached in a two-stage process originating in the House and culminating in the Senate which determines the guilt or innocence of the accused by a two-thirds majority vote and possible removal from office.

That last provision will insure that President Barack Hussein Obama will never be found guilty even if he is ultimately impeached.

Watergate-era Nixon tapes to  Almost forty years ago in May 1974, the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee began formal impeachment hearings against Republican President Richard M. Nixon on charges related to the Watergate scandal and his attempts to cover up the criminality involved. 

Nixon avoided impeachment by resigning and was later pardoned by Republican President Gerald R. Ford.

Almost fifteen years ago in December, 1998, a Republican-controlled House of Representatives succeeded in impeaching Democrat President William J. Clinton on the basis of various financial and sexual improprieties but chiefly related to his perjury and obstruction of justice. 

Clinton was acquitted when every Democrat senator voted in his favor.

Today, visions of impeachment are again dancing through the Washington air–and with good reason.  Nixon was almost impeached and Clinton was impeached not as much because of, respectively, the ill-conceived burglary at the Watergate complex and Monica Lewinsky, but because both presidents lied.  Nixon lied and covered up the actions of the so-called White House Plumbers and Clinton lied, under oath and to the American people, that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

Both presidents were eventually exposed as liars just as the most consummate liar in the history of the America presidency will eventually be exposed. Furthermore, lying will be the least of the charges against the man widely portrayed as a brilliant constitutional scholar who, with other members of his administration, have treated our Constitution as virtual toilet paper to wipe clean their impeachable offenses.

The bases for impeachment proceedings against Obama could fill a book to overflowing.

One biased Democrat source, the Columbus Dispatch, cited a limited number of House GOP accusations against the president.

They included “bombing Libya without congressional authorization; delaying implementation of some provisions of Obamacare; waiving immigration restrictions to enable children of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States; easing federal drug enforcement in states that have legalized the medicinal or recreational use of marijuana; ending mandatory-minimum prison sentences for some drug offenses; and permitting the Internal Revenue Service to scrutinize conservative organizations’ applications for non-profit, tax-exempt status.”

However, and as serious as those charges are, they represent a surface-scratching of the reasons Obama should be impeached.

Another source, dating back three years, lists 64 “impeachable offenses” although some of those involve Obama’s college machinations at Columbia and Harvard, his seamy Illinois connections (Tony Rezko, et al.), and members of his administration (Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton), all of which relate to his obvious contempt for the law and proper conduct but none of which directly relate to grounds for his own impeachment.

Others–illegal campaign contributions, tampering with the Census Bureau, failing to “treat the takeover of sovereign land in Arizona by the Mexican drug cartel as an Act of War,” attempting to seize control of the Internet, and preventing American companies from taking advantage of our rich natural resources–could also be impeachable crimes.

The chief problems with any effort to draft articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives and then trying and convicting Obama in the Senate rest not nearly as much with Democrats than with Republicans.

John Boehner Fails  Presupposing the probability the GOP retains and improves its House majority and the possibility they regain control of the Senate in the 2014 off-year election, Republican forces in both houses that favor indictment and conviction of the president will still have to contend with pusillanimous members of their own party before either could be achieved.

Democrats are notorious for sticking together like glue when it comes to party loyalty, or to virtually anything else.

Remember that in 1974, Nixon’s fellow Republicans, like conservative Senator Barry Goldwater, pressured and convinced him to resign; in 1999, not a single Democrat voted guilty on either the perjury or obstruction of justice charge despite prior expressions of abhorrence of his conduct by a slew of Democrats.

As conservative, African-American Sylvia Thompson wrote on, “For a number of reasons, Barack Obama should be impeached from the American presidency, and understandably, there are rumblings from concerned Americans calling for just that. He is certainly doing the “high crimes and misdemeanors” that merit removal of an American President.  What is most galling is the indisputable fact that any white man displaying similar behavior would have been impeached by now and probably serving prison time.”

Aside from racial politics, the inevitability of race riots and the fact that “no law enforcement will be turned against the mobs, because Obama and Holder control law enforcement,” Ms. Thompson points to the unfortunate reality that “the current crop of [Republican] political “leaders” are not of the stuff to follow through on such an arduous task. It would require courage that few of them have.” (

Seconding and supplementing Ms. Thompson’s views, JB Williams wrote on that “The first problem [with impeaching Obama] is that House Republicans are more concerned with voter backlash than doing the right thing for America.”

Williams believes the second problem is that although the House Judiciary Committee, which would bring any charges, is controlled by Republicans, “at least eight of the seventeen Democrats on that committee are not really democrats at all. Each of the eight are known card-carrying members of one or more of the following organizations–Communist Party USA, Socialist Party USA, or the Democrat Socialists of America.”  (

Angry-Obama-Evil-Obama-280x300  Whatever the validity of Mr. Williams’ contentions, the chances of the worst president in America’s long and illustrious history being charged, tried, convicted, and thrown out of the highest office in our land are the equivalent of Obama’s confessing that he is also the biggest fraud to ever disgrace our Oval Office and Republicans must ultimately be judged responsible for his continued, despotic rule.