Cut & Paste Religious Chistmas  As expected, they’re at it again!

From atheists to satanists, from misanthropes to malcontents, from people who simply want to protest against religious tradition to people who are hardcore urban and suburban guerillas who want to destroy anything and everything of value, they all converge like ravenous vermin every year around this time of year to rail and rant against Christmas and, directly or indirectly, against Christians.

You have to wonder what’s wrong with them, what’s absent from their sad lives that incites and motivates them, what deep, dark places in their souls compel them to act and speak so venomously toward an innocuous national holiday of festive celebration.

Dave Muscato  This year, atheists are once again in the anti-Christmas spotlight as personified by uber-atheist Dave Muscato, PR director for American Atheists who attacked longtime Christmas/Christian defender Bill O’Reilly for his obsessed persecution complex.

Muscato took umbrage over O’Reilly’s most recent Christmas crusade in which the Fox News personality psychoanalyzed atheists in an effort to determine the bases for their bitter anger over religion and Christmas.  Bill O’Reilly is no shrink and maybe should have left psychoanalysis to neo-Freudians but, instead of picking up on his lack of expertise, the equally-unqualified Muscato sought to analyze O’Reilly. 

Muscato feels O’Reilly is desperately trying to prove the existence of oppression in America and “has this fantasy that Christians are being persecuted” whereas O’Reilly “is the epitome of a privileged person; a straight, white, cisgender [confused gendered] American. The reason that [O'Reilly's] obsessed with this ‘War on Christmas’ is because he knows there’s nothing he’s really being oppressed by.”

Denying that atheists are angry about religion but rather just passionate, Muscato incredibly asserted that no one is attacking Christmas and that the atheists’ goal is “upholding the lawful separation of church and state,” (a “goal,” incidentally, not mentioned in our Constitution).  Muscato also charged that “Religion does more than just hurt people . . . Religion kills people. There are reports from all over the globe of religious persecution ending in people’s deaths.” (

Although there is historical truth in Muscato’s comment on religion–just as there is an abundance of truth that atheists despise all beliefs in God–but, in recent decades, religious persecution and murder have primarily been the province of Islam’s Muslims, a reality which he didn’t mention for some reason.   

Typifying the twisted logic of Christmas-Christian haters, poor Mr. Muscato who, apparently is not “cisgendered” and not privileged, fails to understand or refuses to admit the transparent truth that the war on Christmas and Christians has been in process in America for decades, in fact, even pre-dating the reign of Barack Hussein Obama. 

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