Atheists may be the most persistent warriors against Christmas and Christians but their close cousins, satanists, have to be the scariest and most repulsive by far.

  Reportedly numbering as many as 100,000 in a world of seven billion souls, satanists have succeeded in gaining some degree of social acceptance and are now permitted to serve in the British Royal Navy and the U.S. Supreme Court has even debated if satanists in prisons are entitled to  constitutionally protected “religious” rights, although whether satanism should reasonably be classified as a “religion” is itself debatable.

What isn’t debatable or questionable, whether they be “theistic satanists” who worship Lucifer as a god or so-called “philosophical satanists” who believe  the fallen archangel represents a symbol of negative human traits, they are closely related to atheists, all of whom share a common antipathy toward celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps in an effort to demonstrate that atheists and satanists have a sense of (disturbed) humor, a menorah outside the Florida State House in Tallahassee was replaced by a six-foot Festivus pole constructed from Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans in the middle of a nativity scene by Chaz Stevens.

The Deerfield Beach resident petulantly declared, “They opened the door. If they’re going to allow a menorah, a crèche, a Pabst Blue, a Ribbon pole, maybe a Flying Spaghetti Monster.  It’s all or none.”

As insulting to Christians and Jews as Stevens’ protest was, both his Festivus beer poll can readily be dismissed as examples of fruitcakery run amok.

Lucifer does not need to eat,  Not so with the more dedicated Satan worshippers, some of whom are trying to build their own monument at the Oklahoma state Capitol to counter a privately funded monument to the Ten Commandments which was approved by  the Oklahoma state legislature in 2009 and erected on Capitol grounds in 2012.

Lucien Greaves, spokesman for the Satanic Temple, a New York-based cult that tries through lobbies and actively engaging in public affairs and focusing on the separation of Church and State in America to win recruits, says he is “optimistic” their monument to Satan will be approved.  He generously doesn’t see any problem with the Christian monument as long as it does not stand alone because, then, “It would change the dynamic with our monument there [whatever that means].”

Greaves refused to provide details on the Satanic Temple’s monument’s design but did hint that his “favorite design, at the moment, is an interactive display for children.”

Testimony to the perversity of the Oklahoma satanists’ plan, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit seeking the removal of their monument on the confusing basis that it “has created a more divisive and hostile state for many Oklahomans.” 

I have no clue how or why a privately-funded monument to the Ten Commandments, essentially a summary of biblical laws on the most fundamental rules of ethical and spiritual behavior, could be so offensive that it would inspire anyone to feel compelled to erect a monument honoring Satan, the antithesis of everything that is good and decent in mankind. 

However, I do have a definite clue as to why a monument to the personification of evil is so important to them–that “interactive display for children.”  Unable to gain a foothold in our adult population, satanists think kids are more ripe for seduction, and they may be right. 

Some few atheists could be accorded reasonable doubt regarding the sincerity of their motivations in protesting against Christmas and Christianity.  No satanists qualify for such doubt.  By definition, Satan worshipers worship evil and should be content with celebrating Halloween.  halloween mask obama joker